Tuesday, December 29, 2009

* . Agenda .

* make new logo tees
* work on the fan site
* look for more jobs
* email aulonte
* talk to the photographer
* send over emails to WN & my model
* set dates
* watch momo & Janiyah
* try to stay grounded

*sigh* come on buddha lets work some over time ;)


What is the most dramatic thing you have ever been through in you life?

hmm when i was in middle school i got into this crazy accident!! we drove up this dirt road and flipped down a big ass hill and now i dont sleep in cars, even if its a 24 hr ride i will stay up!

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wen u fuckd him in dat carseat was it betta den wen we fucked in dat carseat??

umm wtf you dickwad!? but yeah he was totally better than you ;)

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* . Night Cap .

Family Matters Marathon on BET (the only time you'll catch me watching that channel) .

"So what if a person has to wear glasses or is clumsy or short,
The fact is everyone is different it would be a boring world if we wasn't,
What matters is that you like yourself....no love yourself right?
Than how come I'm not listening to myself?" - (Stephon) Steve Urkel

Monday, December 28, 2009

* . Break the Mode .

"No more will you be the one,
That's what you tell everyone around you,
But you know they've heard it all before,
What more can you say?"

Its never too late, to start over :)


When you say some of yours ;) do you mean naked ones? *wink*

lmao, not at all let me rephrase that..i will upload some photography i have took..

all naked pictures are mines! all mines! :) lol i dont like sharing ;)

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* . Embrace Art .

sometimes i wish i would have took that photography class a bit more serious..
however it did make me fall in love with my cellphone & digital camera..
here are some shots that inspired me today! ill upload some of mines later ;)

"Add till they subract you ..... never be an equal"


If you could wake up as anyone tomorrow, who would it be?

hmm, i would want to wake up as a better version of the person i was today. i swear im growing but i can use a bit more guidance!

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Max from RetracetheSkyline.Blogspot.comhaha I can't comment on your most recent blog. I get my friends to take them for me. I hate it because I feel like a camwhore, but oh well. They're for the blog. Thanks for the interest though! I was starting to lose hope in my blog. [=

awe never! even when i stop blogging i pick it back up! i had a big stop because my 17yr old sis got killed on labor day and alot was going on..so dont even feel bad! im an art fanatic! i design clothing, write everyday, and did photography senior year in high school..so i respect any arist b/c i am one too :)

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

* . Sweet Tooth .

i still want me a slice of the katy pie! she is sooo yummy! i would kill to design for her, she is soo carefree and creatively the shit! i know im late these are from the MTVawards nov 5th ;) shes not as riskay as she was in the beginning but she is still supppeerr bomb!

ughk, still cant believe she settled for russelllll brannnnddd?? umm..yeah katy p your too pretty for that..but it is the personality that counts the most! ;)

"Can't none of y'all mirror me
- Jay-z


What was the happiest moment in your life?

i dont have 1 happiest moment yet but 20 yrs of them and thats waking up and being able to live my life :) every single day..its amazing!

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* . Formspring .

so half of my twitter friends have this thing called formspring so ima give it a go! i love answering questions ;) it makes me feel important lol..so go ahead and dont be afraid i dont bite unless you like it..lol ask here :) and i will respond TRUTHFULLY scouts honor!

* . Sent from Heaven .

hmm, i guess boobie do know how to score! ;) looking hot keyshia

(photos via xmas eve in Oakland, Ca)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

* . Flawless .

so if you should know anything about me just know i can never stay still..my mind is always running around in circles and i always give it permission to do so. ima fashion major who enjoys any aspect of art, writing designing singing and photography! i have tampered with it all, and really enjoy keeping my hands wet. i dont think i have told you guys but my current book i decided to write is called "Flawless" its sort of like a memoir.. everyday it seems like i get to know my self a little bit more :) i decided to let you guys know because I do want to share it with all the women & readers in the world it will def. help you!

ps. WTF!! my tv juss froze during my boys basketball game..its probably halftime now and i will be mad if i missed any dooope plays!! lets go GSW!! scared the fuck outta me when it came back on 34.6 but frozed at 1.51 um comcast owe me some time!

* . Kanye Rose .

these bitches are taking over the world...but they are one hot duo (cough cough) besides me & rihanna of course ;) amber will be in the newest issue of vibe while her boothang kanye is the poster boy for bathing apes 2010 look book.

what do you guys think? are these going to be the top bitches of 2010?

* . Glamour WTF .

so i guess Glamour Mag wanted to get a little edgy for 2010 too with their Top 20 WTF moments of 2009..

#12 Glamour said : next time stay HOME!
VivaOday says: dont listen to them HATERS!! rihanna is my girl and she is def a trend setter after she wore these i surley wanted them, and snoop dogg is rocking a white pair in his gangsta love video. and somebody had pink ones i forgot who tho. fashion is about taking risk and not waiting for someone else, you suppose to be ahead and make everyone else wait for you! and she has MASTERED THAT!

#3 like i said when she first did it i like it I LOVE IT!! only on her!! cassie is a fucking model she is fucking flawless..skinny, light skinned, tall, smooth skin, baby face, and pretty!! she can basically pull off a bald head if she wanted to..the only reason this is a WTF moment is because every body thought she was a sweet lil long hair girl next door...and now shes a fucking bad ass! go CASSIEE!

check out the whole Top 20 at Glamour Mag

* . FD x's Fame .

wow! i typed in my blog name "Fidm-Diaries" and a site popped up called who say what when!? and they actually read and re-post my rihanna&CHRIStina post ;) its not much but its pretty cool! cause everybody knowns me as FIDM-Diaries..its gonna be hard but we must move into 2010!

view here
yayy :) thank you guys for reading and linking me, good looking ;)

wait and i found this!!
Check out here :)
&& here!!
WTF is a tinker?

amazing thanks guys!! :)

ps. when i went to YAHOO! search i saw i WAS on Yahoo Answers! && Concrete Loop :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

experimenting with new blog names, what do you guys think?
i decided to get a little hardcore for 2010!! lets go ladies step yo gangsta up;)

* . take that KOBE .


my homie even came out to watch it! "the game is ova the game is ova!" their commercial is OFFICIAL ima post it soon .

damn, i shouldve took that bet! but i didnt CONGRADS to the CAVS for beating them bitches aka lakers lol :)

* . Barbie Empire .

every guys fantasy.
TWO lifesized barbies!

* . The power of JORDAN .

now which one of yall got the shoes?

* . Top 10 Female Artist O9 .

wait no billboard, how the fuck did taylor make it to #1 and why Rihanna & Keri Hilson ends out the top 10? Keri Hilson is one of the top producers and had some of the hottest summer songs! and Rihanna come on shes Rihanna.

Top Female Artists of 2009
1. Taylor Swift
2. Beyonce
3. Lady Gaga
4. Miley Cyrus
5. Britney Spears
6. Pink
7. Katy Perry
8. Kelly Clarkson
9. Rihanna
10. Keri Hilson

The list should read:
1 Lady Gaga
2 Britney spears
3 Katy perry
4 Keri Hilson
5 Rihanna
6 Miley Cyrus
7 Beyonce
8 Taylor Swift
9 Kelly clarkson
10 Pink

* and im a huge Rihanna fan and notice i put her #5 because she was out this year but came back with 3 number 1 singles! *

how would your top read?

* . Merry Christmas .

so for christmas my little sis has been secretly planning my SUPER RIHANNA CHRISTMAS!! one of the girl we know dad works for rihanna so they have been whispering and planning rihanna to call me for christmas. she has been my idol since 2004 and sadly when the concerts come around i never have enough $$ or when i try to win the tickets i come close but not exactly! i buy every magazine with her on the cover, and own every CD i am a super fan. and even though i have never been to a concert i watch every performance, and do everything. i am addicted and in love with her! cant wait for my phone call i will let you all know how it goes :)

* . iLOVE .

i mean this is all the more reason for me to dump my crackberry and make love to an iPhone.

say hello to the,
Type & Walk App:

its simply made for those of us who are intimate texter! lol we cannot be disturb while texting it is soley against the rules! it uses a camera and some more apps to display where you are going while you are texting! ughh what cant apple do?! and now for those who are like me w/o one the iPhone is only $99.

so to anybody who is already apart of the iPhone clann, pick up this app via apple store for only 1 buck! gotta love it.

* . Kim KarFASHian .

so, since ive been gone i havent had the chance to do KIM KARFASHIAN!i know i know we have all missed it, i tell you i have! :) so ima get back in the Kim Trend! i am a HUGE fan of the kardashian sisters FASHION! it literally blows me out of the water they are amazing..i usually refer to them as the KKK (kourtney kim & khloe) no bad intended so if you see that in their post ill make sure to color the k's so you will know ;)

so for all of you new viewers this is how it works..i will post a few trends that caught my eye from kim and give feedback. i usually post around 4 and put up a poll where you guys vote and i will show you how to dress like Kim for less! and also what i felt was too much, and subtract that to make your outfit even more perfect ;) its soo much funn & it gives us alot of ideas on how to DASH up our life!

i nearly had an heart attack looking through kims pictures (sorry ive been mia) this diva has been blowing them away!! so instead of us voting on the looks since i havent done this in a while i will just post some of the looks and trends i thought was hot and give my 5cent lol there will be a few so sit back and ENJOY!

okay i dont know why but i have been wanting some black jeans for like forever i never had a pair so i went out and brought some like 4days ago and i am going to wear them today! :) i love how kim just made jean look like dress pants with the classy blouse and the glitter gold blazer this outfit is just a perfect look.

re-wear, a trend that some celebs & celebs imposters dont believe in!! i have said it numerous times!! even my fave celebrity in the whole wide world rihanna uses this method! its okay to wear the same thing twice. the trick behind this method is to make the item you are wearing over look like another piece. in the second pic kim has her pants tucked inside her knee high boots, (so the focus is more on her shoes than her pants) when people see her wearing them like she did in the 1st pic they will compliment and actually notice her pants!

kims signature skin tight dress a post wouldnt be one without it.

i fucking love this no questions asked..well the only one i got is "kim, why didnt you get me one too?!" i know im a little late on the animal print but thats another thing i was looking for when i was in the mall! animal print (really cheetah) i like it because everything is solid/black than its like a bold look at me fucia color, amazing!

maybe its just me, but i believe she should wear white all the damn time! this is her color everytime she wears it it makes her look more young and more playful. and her makeup is flawless. this is her classic look

* . Pardon your Fashion .

omg, do anybody know the designer of this piece?? I LOVE IT I LOOOVE IT!! :) ima have to do some research ;) ill let you guys know!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

* . merry FUCKING christmas .

yes you, and to everyone else too!

its fucking Christmas eve and everybody should be jolly well how about you take that jolly stick and stick it up your uptight ass! Ive been having a bad fucking week, well a bad fucking 2009! and like no joke i am ready to EXPLODE! i don't have my remedy (music/ipod touch) because someone stole it..the year ended with "you re always too busy for me now hehe" and than finding out she got killed 2 or 3 days later. life is never enough! you can get tired but look you never put in enough!! everybody says keep working, well bitch you've been working longer than i and your still in the same position as i.

my mom has been gone on vay'kay since monday so its only been me & my baby sister at the house everynite..lord knows like i know I LOVE SILENCE!! specially when im stressing..but my granny invited herself...and my 12yr old sis..and my cousin who has autism..plus a 1yr old baby! plus no ipod to block them out...plus a bad school call..all this yelling and crying and bitching got me to the point where i had to walk around the block at 10 something at night in the fucking cold before i blow a fuse..than i come back home and i feel like joking im always fucking joking than shes like lemme call your mom..all the while while i was saying this shit i was laughing..so than her and my sis tried to cock funky ass attitudes with me so i stood there cause yes idgaf lol than she starts talking bout some irrelevant shit i dont even remember cause all i could here was her loud ass voice..so i got loud so she could here me..than she throws me this shit "dont you yell at me" and im like "well you yelling at me" than my punk ass lil sis and her both starts yelling and standing up like they finna double team me or something so i had to let them know back the fuck up or "i will beat both of yall" or some shit to that level lol but its hella funny cause i never get mad i can just be really fucking serious...so the bitch called me bipolar oh fucking well..i juss dont have the life i had back in july..or a couple of weeks ago..everything is fucking misplaced and its destroying me slowly..i want to runaway and be alone by myself for the rest of my life..change my number, have some drinks, get some more tattoos..tattoos is like an emo cutting themselves for me real shit its sooo stress releving..

but she left to go to her house where she actually belongs..silent mode lmao..come on how old are you? and telling my sister not to talk to me well i hope i wont have to see them than..and as hard as i am i really dont want to apologize, because i know shes gon give me some halved ass attitude and some more bullshit after she called the whole wide world and mars prob last night and turned them against me OH WELL i did it! life does go on, bitches! you cant take shit and than use your age to fucking get by..you started this shit well handle it! i was gon apologize until someone called me at 7am talking about "your granny said urgent call her whats going on"

but hey im juss venting let me fucking vent!

and now this school shit has got me tripping outta my mind!! i dont know how and if i could handle it without my damn ipod! which some fat stanky ass bitch ass nigga stole from me! if i wasnt nice i would go in into detail how much i hate him and how ugly his baby is..and how some other bad shit im thinking right about now...but ima keep it positive a little bit...and now this fucking alarm system decided to pick today to beep non stop! um wow i really want to pull this shit out of the fucking wall!

welcome to the life of a FIDM ex con! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

* . 2 is much more fun than 1 .

today i went on one of my guilty pleasures (mediatakeout) and saw their headlining story was rihanna being open when it comes to relationships!

um, my idol..whaa? can i please be the lucky one! i never been with a girl but she is the epitome of the perfect women :) what do you guys think about this?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

* . National Barbie Day .


happy birthday to this sexy ass barb, shes 25 today & looking like a 19 or 20 yr old.. (sighs) i wished i looked like her she is too sexy for her own good! one of these days shes gonna sign my bOObs ;) enjoy your day HB!

xoxo Made En Japan :) [ hehe i just had to make me a barbie name, since im half japanese this name is perfecto!]

* . Doll Domination .

so i have been working with Milan from bet's college hill since july, making a fansite. however if anybody checked up on the site we losted contact so the site was down for almost a month :(..but now the doll domination duo is back! and we are ready live in effect with the site reopening! and to anybody who used the site for updates i wanted to be kind enough and personally welcome you back to "CRAZY ABOUT MILAN"! yes our mayhem is slowly but surely comming back.. and we both cannot wait, to share it with the world.

and to all my divas & dolls who havent check us out before, do so now >> CAM << :) i decided to recreate a nu layout even though the last one never got to premiere it will make its way back next update :) so the site is not fully open or updated due to reconstruction but keep checking back because its your number one source for anything you need MILAN!

xoxo divas & dolls :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

* . Victorias Secret Fashion Show .

so the moment we all was waiting for has come and gone. and i have to admit its always well worth the wait. although i didn't like the black eye peas as the musical guest..well i should say fergie.. she was adding on and doing too much with her vocals so the songs really weren't sounding at their best..but here are a few of the looks//models i really liked.

(Miranda Kerr) this little lady is my favorite (besides klum)! im pretty sure there is a law that you cannot be this pretty! she is beyond hot enough and she posses a hot Australian accent. every time you see her shes all smiley and down to earth bubbly.

this by far was my favorite look of the night, i like how it actually looks like something you could wear. it reminds me alot of "Alice in Wonderland" i dont know if anybody else is getting that kind of vibe? but everything she is wearing flows together so nice..and i love it!

sidenote: can you say sasha fierce? i saw jay-z in the front row maybe we will see beyonce modeling this look on her next tour! i dont know, this outfit just screams beyonces name.

the moment everybody was waiting for..i like how she looks like she is somebodies mom..but she is still so hot! she only walked once and she lead the "Enchanted" theme and she also lead the last walk when all the models came out stage! congrats Queen Klum you did an amazing job :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

* . Math .

yesterday in business of fashion went a little something like this...

$ Retail = $ Cost / (100% - markup %)

($32 - X) / $32 x 100% = 20%

($32 -X) / $32 = 0.2

$32-X = $6.4

X = $25.6

:-/ looks foreign to you too? okay good.. :)

* . if you love me youll lace me in balmain :) .

so i am one of the first people to have blogged about BALMAIN! yes i blogged about him waaaaaay before rihanna, beyonce, and kim k started wearing him..so i must continue. (just go through my older post and you will see) so i haven't really been on my fashion a - game, because ive been trying to work on my a-game at a fashion school (FIDM) kinda weird i know.

but anywho, i nearly pissed on myself this morning when i saw this new collection (Mode 2010), by balmain! i am going to make it a goal to own at least one of his pieces, i have to! like i would literally die if i don't..but i am not going to post every piece from the collection instead i will give you all a sneak peak with a few of my favorites :)//ENJOY! (i know i do)

i would kill to wear this exact outift head to toe! KILL! i tell ya lol

Rihanna should definitely make this dress an item in her wardrobe

for some freaky reason i love this shirt! and the pants color but the shirt is bomb :)

the shoes and the jacket make this outfit certified bad bitch!

the man who created alllll this madness lol, hes soo cute!

if you want more check out balmains site. i know you want more!


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