Friday, November 27, 2009

* . Black Friday O9 .

this black Friday (whoooohoo) was a little bland..i didn't have to work this year so i didn't do too much but i did go to best buy with my grandma little sister & my little cousins big sister. my granny decided she wanted to be diddy or jay-z or some shit (lol) and got herself a flat screen tv. while she was standing in line me and my little sister decided to drifted off into apple section and had a little photo shoot w/the macs :) we also went to ross to check out the deals, they had alot of toys out here..CHEAP ONES, ima have to make my christmas list..

after that we went to go see the movie precious :-X wow..lemme just say..that's a movie i would've done w/o seeing. it wasn't a bad movie it was just so brutal and intense too much for my little cry baby heart..i wont speak on it too much but through out the whole movie i kept saying "her mom got me fucked up"..but while i was there i got to see the preview to brothers :) a movie that looks like something i could watch!

so everybody everywhere we must unite and go see "Brothers" i would tell you guys what i think but i have to wait until the movie come out cause when i saw the preview ehh, i went bananas lol...that's some fucked up shit regardless of you guys thinking he was dead or not! but i wont speak on this movie until i officially see it :-X or i will try not to..

and i also, got my rihanna rated r cd (yayyy) it was 9.98 (target black friday price) ill blog about my cd review a little later! yall know how much i love my bitch rih rih ;]

but how did you guys like precious?

* . Neglected .

sorry i havent really been around.

september was the worst month for me by far...i lost one important person in my life my little boo Desiree "Dezzy" Davis to street violence. i know i probably posted about her here before when it was her birthday or even tweeted about her tryna drag me to lil waynes concert LOL..but i love my little boo..she had just turned 17 on june 27th and was a senior at Oakland Tech High school..she was one of the reason i use to laugh none stop! now my world is semi incomplete i dont want to go out i feel bored all the time..i never have passion anymore.

i just havent been myself alot lately, idk its like ive closed back up..but im slowly and surely making my way back to normal.

also in september, my moms dad passed away like one week after Dezzy. his funeraly was 3 days before hers. so i just have been dealing with alot. i wont dwell in this subject because my wounds are healing..AND I AM FINE :) everyone heals differently.

in october school started back :) only 2 more weeks left! man i havent blogged all quarter its kind of scary lol! but i only took 3 classes this quarter (late registration) and they were actually pretty cool! bus. of fashion, english, history of western art II. alot of work but it has been worth it!

and i see i stopped posting in July, so i have to tell you in August i started working for Cal Bears :) and it was amazing! the season is over and the boys did good and i hope everything with jahvid is going better since the season is over.

but sorry for neglecting you all..THE WAIT IS OVA :)


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