Friday, December 25, 2009

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so, since ive been gone i havent had the chance to do KIM KARFASHIAN!i know i know we have all missed it, i tell you i have! :) so ima get back in the Kim Trend! i am a HUGE fan of the kardashian sisters FASHION! it literally blows me out of the water they are amazing..i usually refer to them as the KKK (kourtney kim & khloe) no bad intended so if you see that in their post ill make sure to color the k's so you will know ;)

so for all of you new viewers this is how it works..i will post a few trends that caught my eye from kim and give feedback. i usually post around 4 and put up a poll where you guys vote and i will show you how to dress like Kim for less! and also what i felt was too much, and subtract that to make your outfit even more perfect ;) its soo much funn & it gives us alot of ideas on how to DASH up our life!

i nearly had an heart attack looking through kims pictures (sorry ive been mia) this diva has been blowing them away!! so instead of us voting on the looks since i havent done this in a while i will just post some of the looks and trends i thought was hot and give my 5cent lol there will be a few so sit back and ENJOY!

okay i dont know why but i have been wanting some black jeans for like forever i never had a pair so i went out and brought some like 4days ago and i am going to wear them today! :) i love how kim just made jean look like dress pants with the classy blouse and the glitter gold blazer this outfit is just a perfect look.

re-wear, a trend that some celebs & celebs imposters dont believe in!! i have said it numerous times!! even my fave celebrity in the whole wide world rihanna uses this method! its okay to wear the same thing twice. the trick behind this method is to make the item you are wearing over look like another piece. in the second pic kim has her pants tucked inside her knee high boots, (so the focus is more on her shoes than her pants) when people see her wearing them like she did in the 1st pic they will compliment and actually notice her pants!

kims signature skin tight dress a post wouldnt be one without it.

i fucking love this no questions asked..well the only one i got is "kim, why didnt you get me one too?!" i know im a little late on the animal print but thats another thing i was looking for when i was in the mall! animal print (really cheetah) i like it because everything is solid/black than its like a bold look at me fucia color, amazing!

maybe its just me, but i believe she should wear white all the damn time! this is her color everytime she wears it it makes her look more young and more playful. and her makeup is flawless. this is her classic look

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