Sunday, December 28, 2008

* . Not Britney's Blackout .

Soooo I hella spent my friday nite in the flipping dark kapessh! The power went out @ 3:OO while I was fixing my clothing myspace layout! And I was like "you can not be serious!!" And to make matters worst it lasted for hours the funniest ishh about it is that I came home and the corner store by my house was still street lights were working, no house lights, but a corner store with candles lol at 7 at nite it was looking like a damn ghost town

Happy day after christmas and I missed the warriors game but we hella beat Celtics now they 4 lmfao go GSW and I had to catch the encore csn sat :) yess I saw my monta :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

* . Christmas Video 4 .

Merry Christmas Eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyybody!! hope you are with the ones you love and cherish on this day && have a blast!! Even tho this morning i was pisssssed as fudge (i fell down the stairs outside totally forgot it was raining and "slip"pers are "slip"ery!) but i decided to make the best of my day and fix my era because today is about love and being able to cherish one another. My kid sister actually asked me this morning "i wonder what chris brown got rihanna...what you think he got her?" shit hell if i know prob. something hella big and expensive i prob. couldnt even look at it cause im not worthy. But remember all Christmas isnt about presents (cough cough) dawneka lol and even tho my fam would prob. take back their shit if i didnt have them anything lol...its really all about love and being blessed! be happy your still alive && able to walk and see! some people werent blessed and somebody didnt wake up this morning and was not able to say "thank you" so be sure to call somebody you havent seen in a while and damn sure make up with someone youve been holding a grudge with because like ashanti said "we dont know how long we gon' be here." (then ya gon' - chapter II cd) and thats the truth, so from my heart to your family MERRY CHRISTMAS...

ps. christmas should be everyday. if you dont have a gift give a hand and a blessing! thats the best gift anyone could give! so i close you guys day out with one of the best singers around Jessica Simpson with Let it Snow :) enjoy your day and your family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i can bird walk watch me duuuua it lmao

s-o-u-l-j-beezy! watch me crank my bird walk and make it look easy... why the hell is this dude sooo DAMNNN! CATCHY?! all his songs make you wanna dance lol all his songs :) go buy soulja boy tell'em iiii-souljy! lol

* . Christmas Wishes .

Juilian - I want peace and love on earth haha

Lil Sister - I want a pogo stick

Lori - I want to become more independent, so for christmas I just want a piece of mind.

Me - For christmas Fidm - Diaries readers I want all of you and everyone else around the world toooo have a great and wonderful time opening up presents and being with family because I know I will an since I know that life is short I will be making up with the family I use to didnt like (cause it will be the past tomorrow) lol!

Dawneka - MONEY!!

(how about some coal? my dude? lol)

Derrhea - A Digital Camera

still updating and asking.... :)
but the most common answer among mostly everybody was a shocker?! IDK

Now what do you want for christmas?!

* . Christmas Video 3 .

I have always loved this video simply because it is different and is a cartoon! And duhh mariah can sing alsoo!! So that is a major plusssssssss lets enjoy my number 3 Christmas videoo Mariah Carey - Santa Claus is Comming to town.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

* . Keyshia Cole .

so i wanted to make sure i had a clear mind before i even thought to blog about anybody i may know or let alone dont know, in or out of the spot light. i stood from one perspective without being nor knowing the other perspective or situation, sometimes like keyshia cole would say "thats the way it is". so i actually wanted to reserve this spot and just clear my thought! yesturday was b.a.n.a.n.a.s. and actually rewarding in a way. ive been saying since i could remember (back when keyshia had red and blonde hair) that i knew the coles, yeahhh alotta people start to claim people once they blow up but thats never been the case with me. i only say "i know keyshia cole" when someones disrespecting her, like 9th grade in mr brummers class i went off on some broad for talking slick bout keyshia, and thats the way it is!

yesturday we went to the signing to see keyshia cole not knowing it was gon be dumbass like the tv show with the whole klan. the signing was suppose to start at 3:oo pm but it didnt! keyshia came at like 4:48 to near 5 when it was suppose to be over for her 7:oo i was mad seeing how it was cold outside and we was standing up for hours in a line, but i went online today and saw that she was with fans and taking pics which made me even pissed because our rules were : 1. shes only signing her new cd (nothing else so they made you buy it for 13.99 was she tryna compete in the soulja boy platnium campaign?) 2. you could take a picture of her but not with her! but its cool lol

my moms and keyshia coles brother actually went to school together so we got introduced to his wife and his two daughters whom was with frankie (maaaaaaaaaaan dooooooooooooownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn) hehe and than mannie was actually there hugging us and being friendly so i have tons of pics but my digital camera died and i ended up using a more pics soon from my blackberry and a video from my camera pics from my granny metro and pics when i use the camera up!

and how did my night end? with one white girl and her granny asking me for my autograph awe but i couldnt do it because im not famous! fcuk damn i cant wait until my clothing line kicks ass! and people will really know me and not because of keyshia cole!! smh!

ima finish writing more after i help cook christmas dinner :) (12/24/08 3:00pm)

* . Christmas Video 2 .

This happens to be one of the only people whom I own all cds of (minus remix cds) I actually have this christmas cd and really enjoy it. I believe Ashanti will not only get far but always succeed because she is down to earth! Talented (she writes, and have wrote aint that funny jlo rmx, and most if not all her own songs). And I also liked the cd because she made it personal with baby pics and memories put into the songs, So here is my Christmas Video numero 2 Ashanti - Chritmas melody with a few of the songs from Ashanti Christmas! Enjoyyy.. :)

* . 6 am : Coughing & Sneezing .

Yesssss! I'm still sick and its actually getting the best of me....I haven't been able to sleep in cause I've been waking up @ 6am and having the hiccups (which I have now) and clearing my throat like every 5 - 1O seconds!! And on top of that I hella shot through them cough drops, kinda pissed I didn't get the real brand tryna save a dollar! And I hate taking cough mEdz soo I haven't tasted one drop yet, but I might surrendor sooner than later!

PS. I guess being up early is a good thing because I was thinking of changing the look of the blog and I came up with more shirt dezigns! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

* . Christmas Video 1 .

So let the christmas joy begin with one of my fave Christmas Songs, Destiny's Child 8 Days of christmas!! Though it would of been better if I posted this 8days before christmas lol :-D I still love it tho ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

* . My Idol .

I miss school already :(!! Ive been looking at peoples styles and looking for me a new style for Next quater at fidm, so hopefully I will have a nu closet whoop whoop! me love the idea, and robyn since O5 shes mad bomb!! And her style just has been kicking ass lately :)

so you guys go and vote for her ;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

* . Double Dipping O8 Trend .

Now Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have started something Fishy!

I guess thats a good thing at first I thought my X losted his swagger and turned the girl after me out lol luckily this trend saved his ass cause I had jokes for days lol but hopefully this trend last long! More MONTA for me ;)

* . Rounding up 2008 .

whooty whooo!!

Mannnn, but some songs ive really liked/ songs I believe killed it.

Rihanna - Disturbia

Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown - No Air

Jonas Brothers - When you look me in the eye

David Banner feat Chris Brown x Jim Jones - Stuntin is a Habbit

Plies feat Neyo - Bust it baby pt 2

Ashanti - The Way that I love you

Soulja Boy Tell'em - Bird Walk

Soulja Boy Tell'em - Donk!

Chris Brown - Forever

Rihanna - Take a bow

Lil Wayne feat T-pain - Got Money

Ne-Yo - Mad

- Shawty all over me

Young L - Honey with me

Katy Perry - kissed a girl

Britney spears - Womanizer

PCD - When I grow up

Newer songs

All American Rejects - Hopes it gives you hell

T-pain feat Ludacris - Chopped && Screwed

Ludacris feat T-pain - One More Drink

Chris Brown & T-pain - Freeze

Slim - So Fly

Ciara - Go Girl
T-pain feat Lil Wayne - Can't believe it

Friday, December 19, 2008

* . official unsuspension .

So they said:
December 19th 2008
& he shall be back :-D (juiced) lol.. But they also said,
since he claimed to be healed soo fast it could just be him suffering through the pain eagered to rejoin the team. So they might take more time off for him to actually heal and not get re-injured :(

Monta Ellis
Jackson Mississippi
October 26th 1986
Point Guard
Lanier High School
73 Points in the paint
O5 Draft fresh outta high school
Golden State Warriors
Jersey Numero 8
Mississippi Bullet
Most Improved Player
Starting 5 aka Go to Guy
And lastly... My husband lol
(Get'em Monta lmao)

With Nelson (if he stays not the coach), Morrow, Crawford, Tariaf, Randolf x our old players can we see the top? Shit we soooo far down I would only think up is the next spot for us :)

Shock the world guys! ;) GSW!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

* . FIDM, Blues .

Soooo tomorrow is my last day and I'm actually pretty sad! Though I just met everybody in october (when school started) we have grown on each other (oct 7th-dec 19th)! With the whole write down your number themes, and the presentations I never been so outta my shell and open. I was kinda use to seeing evan everyday and having our little moments ;)! And brandon and kisses in front of me 8:3Oam :'( it seems like I'm graduating! But hopefully I will have them (sabrayah, evan, amandalee everybody I had this quarter lol) in my classes next quarter :)

Yess this is my FIDM bag after one Quarter lol that is really a dirt spot! :

see we do work hard @ FIDM lmfao, and its not even dirt it has like a jean dye blue mark on it :( ima sew fabric over it :)

(They really should invest in some black and hot pink bags lol with fur! Yess me and brittni planned that out ;])

P.s. Tranae got me sick or was it me drinking my frapp in 3O degree weather? Or I'm sleep deprived :'(...Either way my throat is giving me the business :'( and to top it all off it starts to RAIN!! :'( arrgg I would say ahhh but I can't even open my mouth!! I feel soo horrible luckily no speaking finals tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

* . My Night Highlight :-D .

Jim : belinelli for the three YEZSIIURR!

Hehehe lol lmfao, my husband is gutteer no wonder he is our sportscaster and no one elses Jim Barnett is funny as hell lmfao

Hit up On Demand - CSN and fast forward to near end 3 Quater! (Don't know the time sorry). And shit victory shouldve been ours! :'(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

* . Happy Birthday Britney .

So this is my cd review yessss I got the damn CD soon as I got out to school!! Soon as you walk into virgin megastore it'll be displayed in front of the door yayyy yippeee :) well I decided to get the special edition for 19.99 and 21.46 with tax ;) for those wondering..I was actually the first one in my class to have it :D than Lizz got it on our break!! So Britney you doing it biiiotch! Lol

Numero uno Womanizer of course :) the song pumps you up no need for me to say more.

Numero two the crazy outrageous second single Circus ;). I heard this first on the documentary and I haven't stopped since!! I downloaded it on my fone yesturday and been listening to it crazily, sooo we all know where I stand on that one.

Other tracks I like...
Kill the Lights (lol @ I killlled the lights lol britney is OG! Chopped in screwed reppin Louisiana)
Shatter Glass (sounds like some rihanna techno type shit but I adore it the lyrics smash)
If U seek Amy (britney said it best love me hate me but all the boys and girls are begging to if you seek amy lol)
Lace and Leather (kinky shit, s&m lol)
Rock me in

Shit all the songs growing on me & Lizz lol gooo Britney Jean you shitting!! Soo if U don't go get ;)

Well right now I'm on Phonography yeahh I listen to the whole CD without repeats.. Lemme say beware cause will say "HEY" in the song and if your CD player or radio is loud it'll scare the hell outta you or maybe its just me? :-/ u be the damn judge than!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Wtf I am writing this from my blackberry on my bed...I am crying because the game just went off and it fucking hurted my heart!! For the heats to steal our game like that what the hell!! We are good our players don't suck its sad like we make it sooo close but never actually make it, wtf? Do we not have a miracle even with richardson we didn't actually make it...even with ellis we don't make it!! Davis nope still don't make it wtf?? This shit just pisses me off I wanna just run up to them and say I STILL BELIEVE cause with all this losing we are losing our team no more barnes no more davis no more pietrius and harrington wants out next I'm sure ellis will won't out for being punished or maybe even jackson whose to say our family is falling apart..and crawford it isn't your fault kid lupe (he looks like lupe fiasco to me lol) you did really good this game you all did brandan tariaf jackson watson andris crawford maggette!! Even the bench players even the coaches :) we need faith to overcome..

And to top it off don nelson himself said that we WON'T make it to the playoffs this year during a conference
:'( I am soo sad like forreal yall we always fucking losing when can we be happy and have our rings and our golden smiles..

* . Life is GOLDEN .

wow soo I have been soo busy which I did mention in my Thanksgiving post but let me fill you in on my FIDM LIFE

Lemme tell you how bomb the end of November was for me...Soo My Friday class at 3:OO [Mr. Navarro] went to go see the YSL Collections [Yves Saint Laurent] for all you losers who didn't know!! :) I was soo juiced and excited and the best part is the tickets was paid for by FIDM!! yayy I got to see YSL for free!? And even though the signs said no touching I touched everything when I got away from the Security! :) hehehe but overall I reallly reallly! enjoyed being there and seeing creativity it was my little safe haven seeing how I was a victim of some bullshit this exact same week!! So putting her un loyal shit outta my head and focusing on my dreams with people who shared the same views as me felt damn good...Me and Jeannie had soo much funn and we even picked out fave outfits right next to each other lol. But YSL was actually a dope man his bio in the museum said that he work to strive women empowerment and you could tell!! When you first walked in there was a bunch of mannequins with Pants suits on! It was sooo rugged yet soo feminine!! There was also this one piece I thought was kick ass!! A fucking wedding dress Bikini made with roses!! Like EVE!! (from Adam and eve*) I thought that was the most fierce and kick assed piece ever!! If you have not seen this exhibit yet don't waste anymore time!! It is beyond amazing and you wont be sorry that you paid 14 bucks!! The museum also had original sketches of alot of the pieces and omg every section you went to was like you were in another world..From the bull fighting gear to the sexy dresses and even tho whole African theme it was truly amazing and a blessing!!

After the YSL Collection I worked at my first Fashion Show!! Ohh yeahh real LC - Like lol. But it was actually a bomb ass My two models were Amy & Aaron :) I love them girls they were so sweet and deserving of all the compliments I was giving them! lol I must admit that at first I was verrryyy verryy! intimidated because these were actually models lol and with heels they were taller than me and they were looking at us like hmm who the fuck are peasants!! but I actually met people from my school I have never ever seen in my life was fast paced but well deserving!! Than after that I stayed in the city and shopped with Alexis Cocoryan and Jessica! wow lucky mee!

* . That made me, cry .

Wow, so as sleepy as I was last night I just had to do it!! I got off work @ 4:3O and got home like @ 5 something...alllllll that time and literally nothing to do!! So I flipped through the fucking channels.. I don't know it didn't feel like a Sunday but the TV reminded me that it was, so after a couple of hours watching Family Guy re-runs and 1 episode flipped between Paris Bff and Real Chance I tried to sleep. Only problem was that it just freshly turned 8 and I knew that if I slept there was no getting back up for I set my blackberry alarm but took it off because I ended up staying up!

9:OO pm - Britney night begins with Britney spears countdown!

Ohh yeahh how smashing mate? We got to see some dope ass performances but the one and only Queen, and its hella funny because I saw all that shit! I didn't know how long ago that was they showed stuff from 98 and I was like oh yeah I remember that one and O1 oh yeah that's no satisfaction! What the hell in 98 I was 9yrs old, and the first CD I ever brought and ever thought about buying with my $$$ was Britney Spears Hit me baby. And that CD still get rotation till this day, I remember we had a sleep over and we had to do karaoke and they made me sing Britney Spears Sometimes. I am soo telling you that Britney started my whole music itch, and I love her and always will for that. Her whole "moment" was nothing to me I never stopped caring I even made IWILLSAVEBRITNEY (dot) com for the fans to support and I'm so happy she is close out the memory segment Britney herself introduced the documentary..

1O:OO pm Britney : For the Record

Soo I got all geared up thinking its gonna be like The Hills you get into some juiced than its a commercial break...WRONG!! It was commercial free soo they said until like 1hr through it seems they showed Britney two commercials and was back in...

1 Fame is nothing to wish for, in my opinion its always been that way. I would love to live out my dreams without the attention, its flattering but to an extinct..but watching the show it was like 4O - 6O paparrazi on Britney at all times!! On bikes on top of buildings looking into her backyard yelling around her cussing and shit...Now I know why Jamie Lynn beasted on them bitches (when Britney was having a meltdown) about her sister, when they were leaving Starbucks!! because they are tooooo outta control and people think she can control them buut she CANT the $$$ controls them and the money = pictures of Britney! It's kind of crazy and mind bl0wing to see that a person is actually trapped inside their own life..It's like that fucking Lab Rat they keep running test on and flashing lights while he is going through the motions of the doctors different medicines

2 Soo she definitely explained that she wasn't in her right mind. Kevin basically used her to become Famous and make weak ass rap songs and basically get his name FYI: K-fed. He abandoned her and her dream home she built in Malibu had become broken... she didnt want to be there because they were there!! it's sort of like me and my ex we broke up so of course I changed and wanted to be away from what we had from getting tattoos to changing my cellphone it really is deep when you in love and it is sort of compelling and it takes over your soul. Because you dreamed of Snow White and the Prince you trusted in someone became best friends before lovers and on top of that they had kids so I can only imagine. But when she said that she shaved her head to start FRESSSHH I could understand that totally! It's just like a normal person to want to start over if they like this than you don't want to be that anymore because he isn't a factor anymore! And if he isn't caring about your emotions or you than why should you care about does take a while to overcome but trust me it feels a whole of a lot better once it's over, and you are on another level!

3 "Mann if she cries ima cry" and there it goes every time you get personally its bound to happen. CRYING, Britney explained that's she bored and she's hurting inside. Shit the girl can't step out side and walk a dog. There was this one part when she was trying to go inside of a building when she got there 4O or so paparazzi was there, 4O! So her driver stops the car and 2 other men get out to escort her the walk halfway to the door but the paparazzi is pushing soo bad they run her back in the car. It was crazy they were on bikes, they were CARPOOLING in SUV's on top of buildings looking into her photo shoots outside her house!! I wouldn't want to be at home either, she explained that she would take trips to New York and Mexico for like a week or so but had to leave because it began to hurt. "I love begin here but I can't stay to hurts...its like a dream your dreaming but than you wake up and your pissed that you woke damn why did I wake up?" Referring to her time in new york than wake up is her back in LA. Her dancer put it perfectly "the only time she has to her self is in 4walls..." And he also said "I am soo proud of her not because she is famous but because she is just like us and she has overcome" which I think we all are.

Ps. I just got to address this.. Lord knows and everybody I know, know I love Rihanna. I don't necessarily like Chris Brown the same but he AL right thanks to whoever writes his music..but these two heifers better leave Britney alone!! I saw the O7 Vmas when Rihanna was front row and laughing in Britneys face but than turn around and say "I think she did good, she had a lot of pressure on her..I would be scared too" type of shit. And last night they showed the O8 vmas where she won and award and Chris started rooting than start laughing and looked at Rihanna! They must don't know Britney runs this pop shit..I am sorry to burst yall bubbles boo boo's.

Circus is out tomorrow Dec. O2, 2OO8 on the Pop Queen's 27th Birthday make sure to pick it uppp!!


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