Sunday, January 31, 2010

* . The Burried Life .

So guys this is my new guilty pleasure, THE BURRIED LIFE! The best damn thing since "The Barkers" in my opinion!

I have only seen 2 episodes (both on saturday) I am convinced & was since I heard the opening. You guys really have to watch it & let me know your honest opinions! I think its BRILLIANT it makes me want to go out & actually LIVE MY LIFE!! Yesss, I totally cried when I first saw the show because the object & intro is soooo touching! KUDOS, to these 4 boys ;)

So here is the object of the show, they live by "What do you want to do before you die?" and basically made a long list to accomplish. Everything from winning a date with your fave celebrity or simply sharing a beer with a homeless couple. Each task is planned in a city/state (not the same) and with every task they complete they turn around and help a stranger with something they would like to do before they die! Pretty cool right?

I have seen the "break into a playboy party" where they helped a teach buy a decent computer for his Los Angeles Elementary classroom! It was super cool because they didn't have any $$$ so they break danced & did a street show to buy a new Apple Desktop.

& yesterday I seen the "make a toast at a strangers wedding" where they helped a painter find his son who was 2yrs old at the time him & his wife divorced. The boy is now 19 & it was amazing cause they found his college roommate & actually got his father to talk & meet up with his son 17yrs later!

So to all my readers I have one question for yall "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE?!"

* . Fantasia For Real .

maybe some stuff is better left with makeup!

* . Pre Grammy .

i love rihanna but im a little skeptical about this one her makeup is flawless as usually buuut, i soo cannot wait to see her fit tonite yall know i will be giving my 3 cent ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

and you're just no good for the world!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

* . Win me this .

please, and ill love you forever!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

* . Fashion Gawd .

yes my bitch is the baddest, and if you ask anybody who knows me she has been the baddest since 2oo5!! (fuhk beyonce) but anyways she was recently spotted at a "clippers" basketball game with her *cough* "friend" matt kemp (la dodgers)...i juss got two things to say!

1: who the fuck matt kemps publicist think hes fooling these 2 are no "friends".

2: can i preeeeeeeettyy please have that jacket/shirt!!
(ill do some research and let you know who made it :])

Saturday, January 16, 2010

* . One in a Million .

happy birthday to the beautiful and talented Aaliyah Dana Haughton

she was living proof that angels do exist!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.”

Happy Birthday Sir, we owe you soo much words can not even express! thank you for allowing us to have PEACE and a FREE LIFE.

Hope everyone enjoys their 4day weekend, and try to do something that would make Mr. King happy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

“Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” - Denzel Washington

* . Safe Sex .

is the best sex!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

* . California Heat .

* . Robyn x's W .

my gawd, covers the nu issue of the W . juss open up and say ahhh !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

* . Fashion Gawd .

you know i couldnt let the nu year get too comfy without my wife/idol/bitch rihanna! she was recently seen in los angeles ca (them lucky bitches! she really needs to come to norcal) attending singer tyresse birthday bash! peep out them flashy ass leggings oh yesss! i must own!! PS. shes been looking a little thick alot lately!

just so you can see how bad this bitch leggings and outfitt was!!

her beauty is impeccable i love this lady! keep up the fierce work bitch & werk'et! lol


the real question is when are you ready to cry from losing to a girl!! lol

Ask me anything

do u lyke yo dick lil' or biggg

the same size as your moms ;) shes the bestest!

Ask me anything

Monday, January 11, 2010

* . New Year - New Me .

Let's go....ima little bit late its actually the 11th day in the New Year but oh well!! I had to test the waters out & see things that I am actually working on..and here are the ones I've been doing so far:

1. Keep me at #1
(That's everything from standing up for myself & tending to my OWN needs! Even if I have to hurt some feelings or leave people behind on the way)

2. Stop obsessive cursing
(I cuss a lot its no surprise but I can't help it! Its just who I am but I will try to limit it except on game nights! lol ;])

3. Be independent
(That's anything from not needing a man to feel complete & taking care of mines! I'm ready to move & be free & be INDEPENDENT!!)

4. Get another job
(I'm in love with money...what can I say? And I need another job in order to be independent & take care of mines.)

5. Be a better ME
(Every New Year you should try to better yourself whether its your attitude the way you hold grudges or your health!)

That's my five so far, and I have been working on them I'm sure ill add some more through out the year :)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

* . Goodbye Chump .

Man u hella disrespectful blood U lucky its 2-1O & I'm closer to Buddha than I ever been cause I wouldve called back hanging up in my face after U called my phone twice @ 1134pm & 1137pm I didn't have to call yo ass back we obviously aint friends so don't ask me for shit I don't fuck with nobody that treat me like shit I'm not one of yo little hos so juss delete my number out yo phone so nobody won't call my phone twice since supposedly it wasn't you & I haven't & won't call you cause I'm already 3 steps ahead I'm not finna deal with no childish shit its 2-1O them games you play save them for someone your age

(yes! i really sent this to somebody! "No lames in 2-10, amen!")

Saturday, January 2, 2010

* . Nictionary .

im sorry but i found humor in this, nicki is one bomb bitch (bark bark!).. i dont get the reason why people hate on "Barbies" a fad and a trend like skinny jeans.. no its not made for everybody but everybody will try it.. who are we till kill someone elses mojo!? not refering to Ms. Minaj of course... because i tell you she can get it! alot of people is saying she isnt shit but let me say "she is the only bitch, that can pull bad niggas & bitches" excuse my lingo.. but girl is hawt barbie or not! and her fan club is even hawter with the exception of some.. but here is her little Nictionary for my little barbie readers!

* Nictionary *

Official Secret Society Barbie Statement :

I’m a GIRL \ and I’m RICH \ its BARBIE \ YOU little BITCH!!!!!

AckOrgiddyWay ItchesOrgiddyBay: \ˈaktˈ-orˈgi-dē-wā-ˈiches-orˈgi-dē-ˈbā\: adjective

1: the barbie pig latin term for “whack bitches”.

Alfred Bitchcok : \ˈal-frəd – ˈbich – ˈkäk\ : noun

1: a term of endearment from one bitchy Harajuku Barbie to another. Generally used amongst BFF’s.

Bad Bitch Check : \ˈbad – ˈbich – ˈchek\ : verb

1: is when a bad bitch looks in the mirror prior to an event in which stacks are involved.

Baldy Locks : \bal-dē-läks\ : adjective

1: Good head.

Balloon Boy : \ba-ˈlōⁿ-bȯi\ : noun

1: the adopted lady bug of barbie nation.

2: the oracle.

BarbieBoomBox : \ˈbär-bē-ˈbüm-ˈbäks\ : noun

1: a device out of which the Barbie’s fetch music is played from

Barbie Detention : \ˈbär-bē -di-ˈten-chən\ : noun

1: When the Harajuku Barbie herself puts one of her barbies on time-out for stating or doing something totally unfetch.

*only the HB can remove a barbie from Barbie Detention. Length of stay may vary.

*While on “BD” a barbie is required to do any task the “HB” asks of her in order to regain her position as a BARBIE. Tasks may vary.

Barbie Juice : \bär-bē-jüs\ : noun

1: ice cold pickle juice in a glass that barbies drink to experience a sudden blast of EUPHORIA.

Barbie Powers : /ˈbär-bē-pō-ər/: noun

1: to beam your thoughts to another Barbie without speaking.

2: to put a hex on strawberry shortcakes by wiggling your fingers at them.

Barbie’s Phone Number:


Basement : \bās-mənt\ : verb

1: the act of stepping one’s twig&berries / cookies DOWN.

2: the opposite of penthouse used when one is too cocky.

BEEN a fan : \bēn-a-ˈfan\ : noun

1: term used to describe a cornball.

Sentence : “hatin on who? Dat Bitch BEEN a fan”

BFF :/b-f-f/: noun

1: Barbie For FuckinEver

Bustitbarbie :\ˈbəst-ət-ˈbär-bē\ : noun

1: a naughty barbie who knows how to make it up on her final exam.

Cater to your Ken Day :\kā-tər-ˈtü-yər-ˈken-ˈdā\: noun

1: One day a month when Barbie stops being a diva and grants her Ken’s every wish.

Chin Check : \ˈchin -ˈchek\ : verb

1: when an HB gets out of character to explain her fabulosity.

Chuckles : \ˈchə-kəl\ : verb

1: when a Harajuku Barbie laughs at the expense of one of her friends.

CopyRightin’ Infringements :\ˈkä-pē-ˈrītən-in-ˈfrinj-mənts\: noun

1: girls that claim to be rappers while enlisting the help of ghost writers.

Doll House :\ˈdäl – ˈhaus\ : noun

1: a place where a Harajuku Barbie resides or stays while away on business.

Dolly Lama :/dä-lē-ˈlä-mə/: noun

1: a barbie that makes everyone around her feel at peace.

2: a problem solver.

3: the one you call when you’re at your worst.

Fetch : \ˈfech\ : adjective

1: a term used to describe something a bitchy Harajuku Barbie really likes.

*Only used with other HBs.

Fire Marshall: \ˈfi(-ə)r-ˈmär-shəl\ : noun

1: a term for sum1 tryna shut ya shit down.

Sentence: word? oh u on ya fire marshall shit.

Frosty Da Snowman : \fro-stē-dē-snō-man\ : noun

1: a girl or boy who wears blurry diamonds. Step ya clarity up.

Gabbage Patch Kid :\ˈga-bij-pach-’kid\: noun

1: a bust down

2: a doll who wishes the barbies will adopt her.

GBR : \g-b-r\ : verb

1: Abbreviation for “Got a Barbie Rollin”.

Get off my Fone : \git-ȯf-mī-ˈfōn\ : noun

1: a swift dismissal of a stupid ass fone call OR comment.

Sentence: Excuse me??? Bitch!!! Get off my Fone!!!

Harajuku Barbie : \原宿\ : noun

1: refer to Harajuku.

Harajuku Ken : \原宿\ - noun

1: a man that “adds to” a “HB” by knowing when to “fall da fuk bak” and when to “step his dick up”.

It’s BARBIE BITCH!!!!! : \əts – ˈbär-bē – ˈbich\: noun

1: how Harajuku Barbies say good-bye.

Penthouse : \ˈpent-ˌhaus\: verb

1: the act of stepping one’s dick or cookies all the way up.

Roger Dat : \rä′jər-ˈdat\ : verb

1: verbally style on a shortcake by implying she should “get like u” in 2010.

Sentence: Scuze me? Bitch! Roger dat!

Step Your Scotty Up : \ˈstep – yər – ˈskätē – əp\ : verb

1: refers to being up on the latest lyrics\lingo off of the new “Beam Me Up Scotty” CD.

Strawberry Shortcake : \ˈstrȯ-ˌber-ē – ˈshȯrt – ˈkāk\ : noun

1: a broke bitch ;

2: one who loses sight of her goals and her CAKE by focusing on BEEF and negativity.

Stud Muffin :\ˈstəd-mə-fən\: noun

1: a street savvy “man’s man” who can only be tamed by a pink lipped barbie.

Surfboard : \sərf-bȯrd\ : adjective

1: used to describe a hatin ass WASHED up bitch.

Sentence : Cowubunga! Hit the surfboard ya surfboard ass bitch!!!!

Tumble Dry : \təm-bəl-drī\ : verb

1: used wen speaking to WASHED bitches.

Sentence : Tumble Dry bitch! Tumble Dry!!!

Waffle House : \ˈwä-fəl -ˈhaus\ : adjective

1: a clearly misguided old wrinkle.

When You Believe : by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

1: our official THEME song.

Zoo :\ˈzü\: adjective

1: when exciting, crazy and fetch need to be combined to describe a noun.

*can only be said with extreme intensity.

my faves are STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, DOLLY LAMA, ROGER DAT, CHIN CHECK, TUMBLE DRY AND BEEN A FAN!! well to all my barbies step yo barbie shit up! yall have officially been CHIN CHECK'D


xoxo MEJ

Friday, January 1, 2010

* . Hello 2-10 .

And my afternoon went like this: (via blackberry messenger)

┏▶‎​♎*IT*♎*IT*♎ŽiğĝγŽ♎*IT*♎*IT*♎◀┓: Im PISSED. I just spent $29.94 online on a DVD called "Tiger Woods 18 favorite holes" and the damn thing is about golf!! WTF!

* . Hello 2-10 .

Text message:

Jan 1, 2010 9:43:11 AM

THIS ISN'T A FORWARD:I would like to thank u for being part of my life as the year changes,the love and respect I have for u will never change.HAPPY NEW YEAR...

* . 2010 .




good girl gone bad .
the cities filled w/them .

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