Thursday, November 27, 2008

* . Happy Thanksgiving .

omg, so its def thanksgiving today and I have soooooo much to be thankful for...and so much I wish I had been more thankful for to have them with me today!!

My List:
I am Thankful for...
my life
my family
supplying me with the oppurtunity of college
people never giving up on me
my talent and my ambition
my learning ability
the power to help others
my friends
my knowledge thus far
being born without

my middle finger
being able to do

. . . . and what are you thankful for?!

another note: sorry I have been lacking on my blog OMG!! FIDM is hard dont ask me again if we get hw, or if its a real school cause ima tell you to fuck off and go burry yourself bitch and thats my edit version to what I will later say to you!! fucking non-sense what do you do at school?! its no different its a damn school i get really pissed off lmao what am I suppose to say "oo well today we went to the bathroom with a chaprone and we wiped our asses with golden fidm engraved toliet paper and we had back massages while we txted our quizes to our dean Kate Hudson, and LC came into the class to explain how to highlight our hair and rock plaid with cut jeans.." dont act an ass Homer simpson!

* . For The Record .

Britney Spears : For The Record

soo yes my world is finally complete, britney is finnallly comming back and she is shitting on that british pink wig wearing vermon!! lol she is speaking about how her life was full of this confusion and rubbish and how she overcame it!! now come on who isnt going to watch this shit!! with sneak peaks of Britney Jean Spears say "Im a smart girl, what the hell was I thinking" could she possibbllly be talking about adnanananaa or the no panties thing or the hair shaving mishap or even the driving with the kids thing either way Britney is the fucking QUEEN of media QUEEN of pop and the QUEEN of the epitome of being the shit lol..come on now who didnt want to sleep with miss spears back in the day?! the girl is baaadd

NOV. 3OTH aka this sunday!! at 1Opm mtv be there ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

* . Wack Friday .

So wtF!!

I'm working my 1st Black Friday eek and I hella have to close WTF I look like shit this job better not stand in between me and my Apple deals!! Or whatever else I may want lol and hopefully I get paid $$ extra that's the freaking key to my Happy Door :) but I will be on apple on my fone and throughout my lunch and all breeakss!! ;)

thats gonna be me in the mist of the heat!! feeling like moses or BRITNEY SPEARS!! lol fucking Goddessssss ;)


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