Friday, July 10, 2009

* . Sky's The limit

Me being from California I know how easy it is to spot a musician or someone striving to be an actor of some sort. So the real task is when you can find somebody who is totally different than every body . Some one who can multi task and isn't afraid to step out of the circle and into a square - and that person is Sky Ferreira . If you own a myspace than you probably already know her as being one of the many beautiful faces of one of the dopest creative T-shirt lines - waffles . [ or street gang - as they like to put it lol ] but if you dig a little bit harder & deeper to get to know this wise beyond her 16 years girl - you will find an old soul . Her voice is so Unique and strong [ sorta like you Duffy ] it would make you think "This cant be her" but it is and shes only 16 years old - and with an even more tasteful style and a Photogenic face we gotta love us some Sky . And quite frankly she is a phenom in the net world x probably one of the biggest deals in the streets of Los Angeles [ ;) ] . Not caring if anyone is on her band wagon nor afraid to speak her mind who wouldn't love her?!Wwith her tough hardcore but still girl next door image she brings life to this dull light and with her myspace ranking at 1289116 (820997 more since I interviewed her) views and numerous photo shoots in her back pocket - Sky's got us wondering what can she do better than this?! seeing how she isn't signed - and isn't legal.. yet, and some how she already has 26931 (vs 12214 when I interviewed her) of myspace wrapped around her fingers like puppets . so i decided to get to know this multi talented Retro Princess, beyond her vintage photographs and catchy slogans the real sky just to see what all the fuss is about .

Check out our OLD interview and be sure to check back in for a new interview. (sorry the pics are from the old blog)

Viva La Hand Bag - Who is Sky Ferreira?
Sky - A little bit of Riff Randle and Vikki the Small Wonder. Have you seen that show?its a 10 year old robot girl that wears bows and cute dresses.

Viva La Hand Bag - I don't think I have, I will have to check it out!! Besides Vikki what gives you inspiration for your songs?
boys that look like james dean....
oh and outer space

Viva La Hand Bag - I AGREE! Imagination is KEY, I'm always in a Fairytale world where every things perfect ha. When people listen to your music what do you want them to get from it or how do you want them to feel?
Sky - Well, I want people to DANCE, but I want every song to have know something to relate to...even if you're 12 or 92.....Also some people to enjoy some actual pretty ballads.

Viva La Hand Bag - That reminds me of what Rihanna has been saying her music is like. Who do you look up to?
Sky - Blondie...Prince.....Susan Eldridge (my favorite model ever)...Outkast...Joan Jett..Michael Jackson..David Bowie...and my bestfriend Niko.

Viva La Hand Bag - GASP! Michael Jackson..Who doesnt like Mich? What was it like recording your first track?
Sky - Well I did "god bless" when I was 13. It was a billie holiday cover. It was random...but I felt way cool hearing me sing through my mom's speakers.hahaha

Viva La Hand Bag - (smile) I remember my mom brought me this barbie mic where I could sing and hear myself in the radio! So I know how that feels :]. Who are your top 5 bands?

Sky - Wait do you mean of the moment? or of all time?

Top 5 Of the Moment
1.Lykke Li
2.Chester French
3.Miike Snow
4. Justice
5. Oh No! Oh My!

Top 5 of all time
1.Joan Jett
2.David Bowie
3.Elton John
4.Daft Punk


Viva La Hand Bag - No worries ;] you're making me update my IPOD! lol When you are not recording or being a model, where can we find sky??
Sky - Day dreaming...slip and slides...karaoke...drooling over James Franco.

Viva La Hand Bag - Where do you see yourself in 10yrs??
Sky - Married to James Franco and possibly living on Mars....Oh and 26......

Viva La Hand Bag - Who is some one dead or alive, that you wish you could have/could meet?
Sky - Michel Gondry. My favorite director ever.

Viva La Hand Bag - What & who is sky's dream duet?? and what would it sound like?
Sky - Oh there is so many...I honestly can't choose...

Viva La Hand Bag- If you could describe yourself in with one song lyric what would it be??
Sky - "I have the heart of a Tiger, the mouth of a trucker, some call me a little girl, I'm a crazy motherfucker..."

Viva La Hand Bag - I like its Fiesty! But sadly we're coming to thee end.. If you can give a fan any kind of advice, what would it be?

Sky - You don't have to comb you're hair.....just make sure to keep you're legs closed and take showers.


so whether its Music or being the next PIN UP sky seems to have it all figured out . and now you have a real reason to Gaze into the sky - just make sure to watch out for Ms. Ferreira . or you can even join her fan club by adding Sky's official Music Space

* . Gossip Girl .

One of the Gossip Girls, Jessica Szohr was spotted on the set looking stunning in Manhattan if I should say so myself!! I need to start watching gossip girls because so far I have seen some stunning pappz shots. This might be a bit corny...BUT I LOVE them shorts lol. I would wear them :]

I will be looking up, and try to find out the Designers so we can be informed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

* . Michael Jackson, Goodbye .

I decided to do this post in this color because it seemed the closest to the Jackson's Funeral color. I started off as recording the service just for my grandmother. I am not an emotional person, I try to handle things inside before I let them out (If I let them out) but I enjoyed this service. From waiting outside the funeral home with CNN to watching the looooooooooooooooooong line of Royce's and Cadillacs make their way to the staple center. I also enjoyed the worldwide videos from Paris, to Harlem, and even other places in California. It was nice to see kids who know nothing about THE JACKSON 5 or THE JACKSON FAMILY but what they see in the media now or even by watching the movie show emotions for the passing. It was such a tragic day not only in music but in life.

The whole service was interesting and pleasing to me..from seeing smokey twice, to John Mayer, and Martin Luther King III. Although the most touching part for me was the end. Usher would have been touching if I didn't already know it was coming. I know how big of a fan he is and I was preparing myself for the worst, but it wasn't that bad. I also enjoyed how the family was very family oriented during the memorial giving each performer a hug as they exit the stage. Also another thing I liked was that even if the family chose not to be a family with JOE people still acknowledge that it was Michael's father. Marlon by far had me in tears from his Witty humor to his powerful that REQUEST!!! :'( it really touched me and Paris was also brave to speak.

Me personally I love Michael because, he is somebody I want to be. I always said if I was blessed everyone who needs it will be too. I enjoyed him no matter how harsh the media got, nobody change the fact that he was about the people. I dont believe he would ever harm young boys because he loved people he was a young boy deep inside. Sorta like Britney, people who have to become grown at a young age still have a certain urge to break loose and do what they have never. Britney and Michael were never crazy or strange they were simply having fun the best way they knew how. How he gave back and kept giving back even when he was in debt it didnt matter as long as he knew some child would have what he didnt have, a second chance at being a kid. Overall right now the whole world has a certain feeling...sort of like the world is coming to an end...but its NOT!! Michael has left but it does not mean that what he started has to be done, we need to finish and let him and god know we do cherish our time here.

Good bless the Jackson's.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

* . Music Haven .

so I've been on a music re-treat ever since i downloaded that trey mix tape!
i haven't stopped looking up and listening to myspace music pages..
today sammie was on ustream for about an hour and i was there through the whole thing he song 2 songs with an encore..played some tracks he already did i was in heaven

So with this said look out for the next 2weeks!! Im'a bring yall some of the best!!
Im'a try to interview some of the artist I found to be totallllyyy amazing!! Knowing me it will be of all and any genre! Because I LOVE THEM ALL!

I will also do some critiquing I know and I will give my HONEST OPINION on every single one..
Sooo that means NO TONGUE WILL BE HELD!! Sorry music is my life..
I will be fair, because everything i feel will be said!
I'll give props where props are due!!

So all ye' music lovers && Cancers consider JULY our month! :]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

* . SS .

Just showing my fam love.
we ride for each other in the bay.
+ I love this video its cute & well executed!
SS [Young L from The Pack//Wolfpack's HOT group] - Fire Start.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

* . and JULY goes like this . i just downloaded trey songz anticipation..and this to me is what R&B is suppose to be! he can SING && RAP! and he doesn't over do it with the "BITCHES" "HOES" and "FUCK" etc the typical rap muses..Ive listened to 5 out of 13 excluding the successful because its a current single on the radio with drake..but i will listen to see if its a new//different far its all THUMBS UP! but than again when is trey songz ever a thumbs down?!

check him out here

and let me know ALL honest opinions!


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