Tuesday, September 16, 2008

* . woohoo!

no this isn't no wamu commercial or silly blog advertisement ! this is me yeeping with excitiment ! sadly that ryhmes and i feel totally good while saying it :] yesturday i had my FIDM interview and i must say i was EXTREMELEY NERVOUS ! i arrived a little bit late considering i was suppose to be there @ 13O and i caught the bus @ 123O and got off the bart @ 14O but i did arrive at 14O and had to take my placement test ehhh :-\ including ENGLISH [ yayyy ] and MATH [ booo ] and i sat in there soooooooo long taking my time and revising . the easy part to me was the ESSAY because this is truly a dream come true to me!! i want to be in that building in that class soooooooo much that the words just came out PERFECTLY!! as i sat in the room writting i kept think "ehh rejection" but i try to stay positive like "no! i want in!" who am i kidding?! when my advisor walked in she said "i don't know you might have to take JC math" sooo i was like that was her nice way in saying "sorry, sakura but your not ready" so i didn't take it tooo hard as i was lefted in the room sitting by myself...as i was transfered to another room we talked about a couple of things than i was left alone again for the 3rd time :-O the suspens was killing me!!

than it was that time ! as i walked next to my advisor as she gave me a little advice in the empty slighty lighted hallway all i can say was this is my FUTURE and there is no looking back!

but as i can say this is only my beginning! i got accepted so dreams do come true i am the happiest ive ever been to be going to school LOL and i will work my arse off and show improvements and a will/drive to be there!! and plus i got this pretty acceptance bag :] [ ill post pics when i get home today! ]

keep in mind : nothings ever promised to anyone . procrastinating only shows you how much you won't grow! be couragest and go out on a limb! life is a muse, Sakura :]

[ p.s. ima end every posting like rev runs morning txt`s so be prepared! ]

Sunday, September 7, 2008

* . A Day in the Life of [ ME ] .

my adventures is something of the extra ordinary! lol i mean sheez, i step outside an its juss so damn chaotic!! like yesturday i went to go hang out with my Dezzy poo! and on the bart there was some strange old white lady who kept smiling & starring at me...i was like OMG!! than our first bus was okay, i can say lol but they was being soooo damn STINGY with the fuhxkin air conditioner [ the bus ]!! we went to B T0WN to get her check & i got another tattoo lol and the weirdist thing happened when we was in B T0WN, soo we chillin @ the bus stop & was joined by a "PEACE"ful homeless lady & an outta pocket arse dude...the lady got on the bus and sat in the front as me & dezz sat in the back facing the front... than some how she made her way 3 rows in front of our back row & kept say something about black people and when i looked at her she said "but yall two are cool!" reffering to me & dezzy! than these 3 boys got on the bus and sat next to us...and 1 [ Tae from the we$t...i think lol ] kept telling her to shut up & leave the lil kids alone...& another dude i think his name was telling us about his dreads [ but now he has a faux hawk! ] and they all play ball lol [ berkeley high - Mac - skyline ] than at the bus going home some dude ask us if we went to school with his "Daughters" than when i asked how old his girls was he said "30" & "28" i was like WTF?! I'm only 19 & Dezz is 16 lmfao we must look hella OLD :[ idk about all that ishh...

other than that the sky is Officially still BLUE!

&& i have officially finished the dress or shirt [ in my mind i was planning on making a DRESS but when i designed the sides it turned into a SHIRT cause its soooo short!! ] so check out myspace.com/marialice_clothing i pu pictures up :)

and i know my blog is programmed to Sign the Post with FiDM DiARiES ima sign this with my love .


Friday, September 5, 2008

* . Introduction .

so this is my second actual blog my first was started in JULY of 2OO8 not to long ago lol but this blog is all me...the girl who listens to Jonas Brothers and randomly watch cartoons && laugh outrageously at corny stuff!! this blog is about my thoughts and mainly ME!! from my struggles of wanting to be in Fashion && Fidm to my real life struggles of making my clothing and doing homework && spending money!! also if you have time check out Viva La Hand Bag and ill make sure to keep both Blogs totally different . like music and entertainment will always be Viva La Hand Bag...and my random thoughts will always FIDM DIARIES lol so hopefully you guys check back and also enjoy :)



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