Saturday, May 23, 2009

* . Hood vs Wood .

are you Hollywood.
or just plain hood.

people like ghetto people it makes good TV. you can clown them. you can relate to them. hell you wont have a TV but you'll pull up a couch @ walmart to watch them.

who don't want to be rich. have a ton of fendi. and be friends with numerous of stars. i mean come you cant lie you probably dream or even fantasize about it.

well now you can soothe any sweet tooth, because kourtney & khlo or moving outta the west to miami. and neffeteria and frankie are booting keyshia and becoming their own. so are more people going to the south or the east?

Which are you MOST looking forward to?

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


nooow screaammmm!!
its sucha a shame, not even words can fathom. how ridiculous this week has been! 2Oyr old, fresh in the game, fresh in life, still need time to grow rapper dolla was shot in his head while waiting for his car in valet @ the beverly center. so i know cali has a rep [im cali breed] but damn beverly hills? we have got to do better yall!!

now there has bet to be a GOOD explanation...matter of fact there is no good explanation! I hope they find who did this to someones son, brother, uncle, daddy, cousin...and from his personality he was a very BIG family person I hope and wish them all well.

smh, rip. dolla.
you will be missed.
&& blessings to his family

* . And there she go .

Momo has officiallllly, conquered my bedroom window LOL. She likes to crawl up and peek out into the backyard now, so cute!

sucha nature hog, focusing on the trees and birdies

still interested and fascinated...cant believe shes been missing this!

and there she go smiling for victory!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

* . 1OOth Post .

Here's a throwback for my 100th post Ciara with Promise. I swear when this CD came out is was my shit, and it still is besides the fact someone stole it because I own have the case :(. But When this video first came out, I was like this girl is actually the shit.. specially with how she use to always wear baggy clothes and underneath it all is this beautiful body. && she brought the high waist pants back ;]. besides the short hair cry baby thing lol the video is hot.. I cant say I have a fave song cause I loved the whole album. But promise was my fave because of the video, than My Love, So Hard, Get in Fit in, Crush, everything! I miss my CD :(


What was your fave song on Ciara: The Evolution?

And are you mad @ the Follow up? Fantasy Ride or Super C [or whatever shes calling it these days]..I think it looks pretty cheap. What happen to her? Did 50 sucka punch her career? What ya'll think?!

ps. since your soooo ashamed of the cover, can I please have your body Ci?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

* . Revenge don't solve anything .

Okay the time has come and gone, and I must admit it wasn't really that amusing to me. Kyle is hilarious and I bet all my $$ that if I was there in person I probably wouldve pissed in my pants. Cause I typically laugh at any and everything! It wasn't really funny because of the "negros" and "slave" ish towards a black person from a black person..otherwise it was funny cause it was so unexpected but it was a bunch of shit popping can somebody live in a house full of snitches like that? Tiffany, and paul...allison scary ass writting love warning letters..what I tell yall in the last post them chicks is lezbos! Somethings fishy in there & no Kyle its not Katheryns Puss lol..or is it? :-/

But here's some quotes I typed fast enough in my curve to share with you who. For those who haven't seen it lol..

Kyle 2 Allison: "If this wouldve been last week I wouldve went up stairs got both yall stuff & treated U 2 like a nasty negro!"

Kyle speaking to Chris, Milan & Tiffany (after the letter): "It'll be a waiting till exhale moment"

(Kyles alter ego) Keyshia: "This bitch is back for one nite only"

Tiff "Ima hella mad I'm finna miss everything cause I know kyles gon get in they ass"

Milan "This is going to be hilarious"

Keyshia (Kyle): "She better bring her ass home"

Chris: "Show times ladies & gentlemen show time"

Keyshia (kyle alter ego): "At the end of the day you put my money in the motha fuckin microwave you slave ass bxtch" lol

Keyshia (kyle alter ego): "8:45 down to 9 mins give me my money bxtch thought u was gon get off that easy bitch please"

Keyshia (Kyle alter ego): "Put that shit n the motherfuckin microwave where u found my ribs over n done"

Chris: "Kyle just told katheryn to put the money in the microwave and she did it..whatt? Aha"

* so that's my opinion and some quotes, watch if your in to that kind of stuff..OVER & DONE << lol..

PS. Paul need not wear that ponytail with that old ass Omarion ass line up in the front lol..

And tiffany please don't be one of them tv Hos who sleep with roomates and keep they man. Not a good look.

And Kay how you gon like somebody who snitched on you? Do hood ass Paul know what happens to snitches??

* . Guilty, Plessure .

Im feeling these shoes! my birthday is in july ;] lol

. dillian .

ciara rocked them but i perfer the black myself ;]

. amber rose .

. legendary jordan .

* . AM I LAME .

Because I don't know any lyrics to any weezy or t wayne ishh? Am I thee only one who thinks he don't deserve that best rapper alive title? I'm just saying what's up with this weezy movement?

This girl played We Takin' Ova on here mp3 hella HELLA loud I mean that song mad old from my senior year in High School! But the only problem was the song was weezy's verse numerous times!! WTFuhkk seriously I was like ughhk lol

Monday, May 11, 2009

* . Farewell Season .

I just noticed how boring The Hills have become to me... I guess its cause I can't stand Half the cast (well all of the cast except my two Laurens!). I soo desperately wish Whitney wouldve been here to make the show more interesting..they probably sent her off b/c if she wouldve stayed there would have to be another season lol. I miss my style diva & sorry but I only seen 1 ep.of The City (the but your just a boy one) & I was pretty turned off. MTV messed up two good things! Whitney shouldve ended this season & dropped the bomb moved to NYC.

Stephanie, is such a shit starter..I mean forreal spencer should drop her as a sis..and than lauren so all shell have is heidi. How the hell is she messing up her PR chance? She been hanging with audrina way tooooo long!

Audrina, is it just me? Or did anybody realize not only did she slip with a Play bunnies boy toy (brody) that's LC ex?! And why she look so dumb founded 24/7 though..

Doug, WTF so now he's part of the cast..

Frankie, life of the party. He's really just brodys shadow. Lame.

Brody, don't tell me your actually feeling & taking up for this chick? NEXXT!

Spencer, I say go have funn with stacey she's bomb. She need to be part of the cast.

Heidi, is becoming an audrina to me. Boring & dumb founded.

But since whitney didn't stay The Hills been mad weak, but South Beach is popping! My new fave day is tuesday I can't wait till I get my tuesdays lol. That beezzy Katherine gon' get it eating Kyles RIBS!! LMBO!

Brandon, the long lost Brutha member I swear!!!!! LOL, He just looks HELLA old but he should be in that family.. probably is (they daddy a rollingstone) ! Mad cocky though, but aint ishh there.

Tiffany, she thinks her dick mad big! She's cocky too. Flirting with chris & keep brandon feeling lucky. Better watch her, she got tricks up her sleeves.

Milan, I love that name with her face lol. She's actually my fave she tries to make & keep peace in the house & looks out for the boys. Paul, chris, & kyle. Minus her accent at times.

Chris, what's beef to a cow? lol he real fiesty. But he is nice how he looked out for kyle on their trip.

Kyle, lol my 2nd fave he bout the bizz. Only for laughs, he did start shit first. But he appologized and they made by gones be by gones. So she was out of pocket.

Paul, is paul? Lowkey hood black. He's honest, or a shit starter. Cause he did tell on katherine. I don't know yet I gotta feel him out more.

Them two girls are lezbos lowkey! Lol, I don't care what nobody say..they got close on the first night..nahh they lovers. The curly hair one remind me of an x con type chick.

Ps. Why it always gotta be a gay person in the house?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

* . Cinco De Mayo aftermath .

On Cinco De Mayo I texted paige "Where's my Tacos? Lol"

And she just text me today..
You ever get your tacos lol?

And sadly I reply..
LOL!! NO I want tacos now :( lol

Than she says
Lol my mom is making tacos tomorrow ive been eating on corn chips and salsa

Sooo I want my D*mn TACOS lol I say it should be a LAW free tacos on 5/5 C'mon don't be stingy! What fun is Cinco De Mayo without FREE tacos?

* . Get 2 Know the FOX .

Ms Fox is a cover girl officially a COVER GIRL and a ELLE one at that. So get to know the x skinny zombie turned over night 50 cents lust bunny on the cover of June Elle! Whoever said ELLE cover girls were good ;] [ex. Rihanna, Kate Hudson.] were absolutely wrong!

On getting down to 99 pounds while shooting Jennifer’s Body:
“I decided I would turn myself into a zombie. I got super, super skinny, stayed out of the sun for four months, and got to where I was losing my eyelashes and my eyebrows.”

On wanting to keep the status of her relationship private:
“No, I do not want to comment on my relationship, period. It’s private. It doesn’t belong to the world. It’s mine. It’s Brian’s. It’s not for other people to judge and talk about and write about in In Touch Weekly.”

On the theory that her sudden success emasculated Green:
"He went through this already, and he doesn’t want it back–It was horrible. So he has sympathy. He’s the one person that I know that if I’m struggling and everything’s getting crazy, I can call.”

On misbehaving while growing up:
“I was grounded for all my childhood. Not most–all. I wasn’t doing anything particularly crazy. I just never appreciated authority figures preaching to me.”

* . Mothers Day .

Dear Mom,

U made me,
U raised me,
Sure I have fallen down a lot,
Made a few mistakes or maybe even forgot,
A few birthdays or more,
Or to lock the front door,
But I always remember the important things,
Like to enjoy what life brings,
Working hard at the post office,
And maintaining or single home like "nicca please! U watch this",
Never really had a father,
But I'd be lying if I didn't say I had one hell of a mother,
Now that I am almost grown
Ill always keep your guidance & wisdom I now own
So thankful even though sometimes I neglect it,
U gone I can't even fathom it,
Hope you have the best day,
Happy Mother's Day!

With love,
Your oldest Daughter :]

Ps. My little sister added the sprinkles sorry bout the upside down slice lol it was still good.

* . Re-Birth .

I'm naming this one Re-Birth because this is my Re-Birth. I've been really out my element lately I've been having a lot of mind "tantrums" but every time I read another chapter of Buddhism or Read a post from Jhene I really started to remember who I really am.

I've been questioning my existence and why am I pursuing Fashion. I know they say your not suppose to, but who can actually tell you what's right for you? I just had to ask myself cause I always feel out of place. And I realized although everybody at my play dress up & "rich" spending 3000 a quarter shopping for new & pointless shit. I spent this whole week procrastinating on homework because I was mind blocked from not having a new wardrobe. I had to ask myself "why are you here?" But I realized I'm truly there to learn so I can be. If I had it already I wouldn't be there flaunting.

I just needed a life cleanse. So I am starting off freshh.

Even when writting this I have so much I want to say or so much I want to be. When I close my eyes I don't really see me I see her, I'm not quite her yet because I feel trapped. But I am going to keep reading up to keep good Karma.

So once again I want to say thank you for reading & welcome to my blog Fidm Diaries.


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