Monday, June 29, 2009

* . 2009 BET Awards .

Best dressed to me:

fave performance: Keri Hilson! she danced her lil legs out! she had the MJ fits and her and her dancers made the best out of a short amount of time. she could've did her regular performance like the rest and just yell "we love you Michael" at the end but she actually was the only one to me to put a lil Michael in her style.

fave overall: neyo! he acted like he was the host he song perfect & danced with the artist he brought year i wanna see more neyo & hear him he looks good/better without his hats!

Host: bad! he messed up on words he wasn't really funny he didn't posses stage presence maybe because the Micheal thing & he performed more than once?? we seeing you the whole night please don't be stingy lol.. and them small ass clothes he had on..IDK if Janet was crying because of her brother or because of him acting a damn fool!

ps. was that dude from baby boy like serious? i think he really wanted to whoop Tyrese hmm and that butter know its out of line when keyshia cole look shocked!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

* . Kim KarFASHian .

I know her name is dashian, but I put fashian because she is slowly but surely turning into a fashion icon. When I first started to watch the kardashians I could not stand Kim at all, I would kill myself if at some point I agreed with her. The show made her seem very rude and self centered! I wont lie all 3 (the girls) can be rude towards their mother at any given time. But I did find myself watching the show when I couldn't sleep 0r when nothing else was on & Kim actually wasn't always rude, always full of herself yes but she was nice & showed she had feelings at times. One time I remember was when khloe gets arrested sure self loving Kim takes pics of her self, but in the end she gave khloe big sister advice & I loved it. But enough with the show I'm going to say shockingly shes slowly starting to grow on me..Fashion wise. ILHer! Shes teaching me more and more how to be a lady. Every one who really knows me should know I'm a die hard Rihanna fan since 2005, she helped me to embrace my height. But Kim is teaching more and more how to embrace your body and to flatter it with clothing. Compliment your curves//best assets I should say!

Below is Kim at the launch of DJ HERO: I actually did this similar look in my 2nd quarter @ FIDM (I'm going into my 4th)!! For my look I had the cut Blue jeans (I did myself :]) and rolled them up till under the knee. I wore a Gold ruffle no sleeve blouse to give the boy look a little more "pizazz". And added Gold sandals and a black & White checkered blazer to top it off. I like this look a lot and seeing how Kim just mixed 3 colors and made it work fine opens up my mind to the "more=less" thing.

Another thing I love rihanna for is that unlike most celebrities she wear her clothes more than once (not the same way of course). But Kim does it too, (apparently) here she is wearing her pants and giving them an even hotter flava. Tan, White, & Black will always look flawless together and any and mainly everything goes with blue jeans. I think the best thing about this outfit is the lower half or the shoes, they are really the focus piece. Although this whole outfit is timeless its street chic. The vest also gives the piece the extra touch if she didn't compliment the focus of the outfit (the shoes) than this would look ordinary.

I like this look recently at the MMAA! Black and White are two classic colors, Black is know to slim a figure and white is to flatter a figure. This outfit flatter her bust and hips but the black belt was perfect to give a slim affect around the waist. One thing I didn't like was the fact that she looks VERY VERY tired!! Maybe its her make-up or she had a late night partying session with Reggie.. But i love a natural look on anybody but she looks so tired, GET SOME SLEEP DOLL!! The no earrings & necklace tends to bring the attention straight to her gorgeous face & that make up she wears I always love lol. It also brings more attention to the work of art she is wearing, very stunning. But I would have added some studs the same color as her bracelet it would bring MORE attention to her face and top off the outfit perfectly.

In the good name of Michael Jackson! lol everybody from Rhianna to Beyonce is rocking shoulder pads so why cant Kim?! What I like most about this is that she is out of her comfort zone! No dress, No skirt, it looks un Kim'ish.. Hot but not her at all! One thing I don't like about this outfit is that there is soooooooooo much black ahhh! I love black but OMG your so pretty you need to add more.. What I would have done to not make her lower half blend so much in was to have her shoes match her jacket w/ both colors or just the silver would have been fine. But the outfit over all is fly.

I'm not a fan of Kim's tight pony I never am I don't know it always gives her a weird look with her high cheek bones as if she cant blink or move. But what I am a fan of is her make up & earring! Not to sound super corny right now but please just kidnap me and do my make up. The earring is a classic because it does not distract from the face or the outfit itself but it a conversational piece. Some people when dressing tend to add EXTRA! "oh i need a necklace with this earring and bracelets" everything isn't necessity! You have to learn to flatter your body & clothes. And this look brings all the attention to the face, where it should be when you are on camera or giving a speech. She looks flawless!

And of course a Kim post would not be a Kim post with out her signature. TIGHT GLOVE DRESSES! OMG! This look will never grow old on her it simply is her, I don't know if she favors the look herself or if a stylist is shooting her these but they make her her. Simply because she is known for her butt and this adds to the butt! It shows the world what she has and to me it makes her seem powerful. I remember when she was shy about her body and it was kind of like okay you wear these dresses but you're scare to wear a swimsuit? C'mon Kimberly! You were made for this! The only thing I would change about this outfit is the shoes & purse combo or the necklace!! This outfit is too distracting..with the bright colored dress, than the big gold necklace, and than tan/cream shoes & purse w/ snake skin it looks like? You have to have a focal point, where do you want eyes to go first and focus more on flattering that part of you.

Hey yall I'm going to start something new today! And its called drum roll please [dun.. dun.. dunnn!] ;] "Kim KarFASHian"! At the end of any Kim Kardashian post there will be a poll where you can vote on a style! The top 2 or 3 will than be re posted in a post called "Kim KarFASHian" where I will give you the cheaper but same stylish look with tips! So watch out for the next post with Kim's top styles!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

* . God .

The end

Friday, June 19, 2009

* . i should tottalllyy .

give advice! :-]P

Her: Im sad im just tired of bullshit. Yet again my ex is trying to come back in my life with the same drama that i fall for everytime hes still lying asking can i get him sumthing for his bday and mine is like in 2 weeks! he wanted to come along with our friend whos taking me to the parade in san fran and he wantd to talk so 2 days later then he switches up saying he cant cuz he'll be out of town which is a lie i think cuz im not wanting to mess around with him and have fun and just forgive everything hes done like his ex shes screwing guys for money cheating and he likes that and i dont do that. And my friend that likes me is mad at me cuz i cant let go but we were together for 4 years i cant just get over it 2moro. I dont even want to have a nice bday.


Lol I'm toO cool.. bite me.

So how do you get over an X? Or a Love?

Monday, June 15, 2009

* . PS .

My boo is a senior now!! OMG!! I am so excited for youuu! Its been a long deceitful journey but I'm glad I've been around to experience all the good and funny times with youu! I hope you have a bomb 12th grade year and I want a PROM PICTURE!! lol so dont you forget!

Sooo congrads! And I cannoott wait to go to your graduatioonnn!! Ima bring you BIG ballooons! AND, Hopefully you don't leave me in Cali by myself :( lol but if you do ill have a reason to travel! yayy!

* . Ughh am I really .

Saying this?? :-D. You know I'm competitive & don't give props to just anybody specially a laker.. Buuut since you family lol. Congrads to my laker loser face!! Lol the best men won (ughhk) until next season bruh! You will definitely be the first one I call every night..we have now started a ritual of shit talking!! It was a fun playoff, specially with "katrina" LOL! now we needa hurry up & buy our home tickets! No Flaking ALLOWED!

I'm kinda happy with how this season ended!

1. Denver actually decided to play this time!! (I guess they didn't like AI lmfao!!)

2. Chauncey got Denver to the same spot the Pistons lost to the celtics last season (see don't doubt my judgment he is the shit!)

3. I got to see what Lewis was working with! Fiiyahh! Lol (& milan said he's her play "hubby" lol can't wait to see mines..monta duhh!)

4. I love seeing Jack he OD's the word FAN!!

5. It was funn making up names for chaunceys new team awe, just like back home in Detriot!

6. Watching monta comeback to only lose stephon, jamal, andris, marco, corey, & brandan (yes, sadly we have the youngest players w/ grandpa bodies)

7. Andre & his sports predictions kept me entertained but I disagree with him winning next season! Only because we are.

But '10 will be better much better...I see lots of yellow and I don't mean the lakers..we just have to make it to #4 or #3!

Ps. I heard this indeed SICK rumor about JC leaving & BD returning?! Nooooooo! Can't be true...anything but esp. since how he dissed us. I bet not see a AH MP or BD in the future they are X'd good* but X'd lol..I say give JC a time to work with a fully recovered 8 and we set!

Monday, June 8, 2009

* . Horoscope 4 Fun .

June 22 - July 22
June 2009

It’s almost your birthday—and you’ve got some preparing to do. For the first three weeks of June, wrap up everything you don’t want to bring into the coming year. The Gemini Sun in your twelfth house of endings helps you leave behind all that you’ve outgrown. Use the first three weeks of June to sort and purge. You may be particularly tired during this time, so manage your energy and get an extra hour or two of sleep at night.

On the 20th, a major power cycle begins. The Sun moves into Cancer that day, which is also the summer solstice. It’s the longest day of the year, so expect a blast of energy and vitality as the Sun spends its longest day in the sky. On the 22nd, the Cancer new moon officially marks your personal new year. This is a particularly golden moment because a month later, a second new moon falls in Cancer.

Normally, we only get one new moon in our sign per year, but in 2009, you’re the exception. The July 22nd moon will also be a solar eclipse, which acts as an energy portal, rocketing you to a new level, perhaps even a sudden new role or lifestyle. Be especially conscious of what you start this month—or, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, Cancer. The eclipse will power it forward times ten. Spend quality time writing down what you want for your life, and taking steps toward that now.

Play it cool, Cancer. This month, sexy Mars and romantic Venus are in Taurus, your free-spirited eleventh house. Love can be a bit of a come-here-now-go-away game, with either you or your partner needing more personal space. Detaching from your emotions isn’t your usual style—you tend to react quickly and crave closeness. Now, a little distance will behoove you. From June 15th-October 12th, expansive Jupiter goes retrograde (backward) in your eighth house of intimacy. During this cycle, old trust issues could resurface, and you’ll be tempted to withdraw into your shell. Deal with jealousy and insecurity by patiently talking it through, rather than going into hiding.

If your partner is the one to act aloof, don’t freak out. Use the space to pursue your own interests and friendships. The eleventh house rules group activity and technology. Single Cancers could find love through your circle of friends, networking events, parties, even online dating. Friends will provide levity and perspective, which you’ll need this summer.

On July 22nd, the Cancer new moon brings deep transformation to your closest relationships. This moon will oppose powerful Pluto, which could churn up buried resentments, unleashing anger you didn’t realize you felt. Though you may be tempted to blame your partner (or an ex) for your unhappiness, don’t. Chances are, you haven’t been crystal-clear about your own wants and needs. How can somebody else provide those unless you know what they are first?

You’re coming off a long career-focused cycle, and it’s a relief. Last month, ambitious Mars was in your career sector, putting you in the hot seat at work. Charming Venus was also here since February, forcing you to play the corporate game. Alas, a little sucking up was essential in a season of layoffs and cutbacks.

In June, Mars and Venus circle through Taurus, your eleventh house of technology and teamwork. No matter how well you locked in job security, networking is essential to keep it thriving now. A true leader empowers both herself and others around her, so show that you’re not only a great results producer, but an essential asset to the team. You might volunteer to coordinate an office holiday picnic for July 4th, or even spearhead a charitable project like a beach cleanup or food drive. This will give you a great chance to display (and develop) skills like delegating and management.

On June 15th, communicator Mercury enters Gemini, your karmic twelfth house. What goes around comes around, especially when it’s in writing. The rumor mill is churning, so hold yourself rigorously to a no-gossip policy. Watch those dishy emails, especially if you send them from a corporate account. You don’t want to be caught as the source of a workplace drama. Be proactive: if you sense tension with a coworker or client, get closure fast. Clear your space of any negativity, and finish up projects that have been dragging on.

On June 7th, the Sagittarius full moon lights up your sixth house of health and fitness. If you’ve been struggling to kick a bad habit, this is the perfect time. Full moons can be energizing, so seize the moment to start a healthy new routine. You may also want to deep clean your house, since your environment is a reflection of how you treat your body. Consider hiring a housecleaning service, even just for one turbo-charged session. Cancer rules the home, and you need yours to be a nurturing haven whenever possible.

Trying to get in shape? One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is your mindset. The full moon will square skeptical Saturn, causing your brain to fire off a litany of reasons why now is not the time. Self-doubt, complaining, rationalizing…it’s all just a dressed-up version of “I can’t”…which is a dressed-up version of “I won’t.” Stubborn little Crab, release your grip. You’re only holding onto unhappiness. If you must, simply pour out your negative beliefs on paper, then burn the pages. Soldier forward and don’t give in to this old script.

Lucky Days: June 14, 23
Money Days: June 12, 25
Love Days: June 4, 9
Off Days: June 2, 21

* . Take a trip to MILAN .

"I havent aten all day mommy my hands ore shaking"
(yes i always say that line with her accent!! its sooo cute lol i want an accent..c'mon cali)

anyways my fave college hill roomate of south beach is getting them $$$ in this reccession! i must admit these pictures do remind me a bit of beyonce..but than again that is her idol..what yall think? hot or not?

gon' head milan, girl you are looking fierce!


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