Monday, May 11, 2009

* . Farewell Season .

I just noticed how boring The Hills have become to me... I guess its cause I can't stand Half the cast (well all of the cast except my two Laurens!). I soo desperately wish Whitney wouldve been here to make the show more interesting..they probably sent her off b/c if she wouldve stayed there would have to be another season lol. I miss my style diva & sorry but I only seen 1 ep.of The City (the but your just a boy one) & I was pretty turned off. MTV messed up two good things! Whitney shouldve ended this season & dropped the bomb moved to NYC.

Stephanie, is such a shit starter..I mean forreal spencer should drop her as a sis..and than lauren so all shell have is heidi. How the hell is she messing up her PR chance? She been hanging with audrina way tooooo long!

Audrina, is it just me? Or did anybody realize not only did she slip with a Play bunnies boy toy (brody) that's LC ex?! And why she look so dumb founded 24/7 though..

Doug, WTF so now he's part of the cast..

Frankie, life of the party. He's really just brodys shadow. Lame.

Brody, don't tell me your actually feeling & taking up for this chick? NEXXT!

Spencer, I say go have funn with stacey she's bomb. She need to be part of the cast.

Heidi, is becoming an audrina to me. Boring & dumb founded.

But since whitney didn't stay The Hills been mad weak, but South Beach is popping! My new fave day is tuesday I can't wait till I get my tuesdays lol. That beezzy Katherine gon' get it eating Kyles RIBS!! LMBO!

Brandon, the long lost Brutha member I swear!!!!! LOL, He just looks HELLA old but he should be in that family.. probably is (they daddy a rollingstone) ! Mad cocky though, but aint ishh there.

Tiffany, she thinks her dick mad big! She's cocky too. Flirting with chris & keep brandon feeling lucky. Better watch her, she got tricks up her sleeves.

Milan, I love that name with her face lol. She's actually my fave she tries to make & keep peace in the house & looks out for the boys. Paul, chris, & kyle. Minus her accent at times.

Chris, what's beef to a cow? lol he real fiesty. But he is nice how he looked out for kyle on their trip.

Kyle, lol my 2nd fave he bout the bizz. Only for laughs, he did start shit first. But he appologized and they made by gones be by gones. So she was out of pocket.

Paul, is paul? Lowkey hood black. He's honest, or a shit starter. Cause he did tell on katherine. I don't know yet I gotta feel him out more.

Them two girls are lezbos lowkey! Lol, I don't care what nobody say..they got close on the first night..nahh they lovers. The curly hair one remind me of an x con type chick.

Ps. Why it always gotta be a gay person in the house?


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