Monday, June 15, 2009

* . Ughh am I really .

Saying this?? :-D. You know I'm competitive & don't give props to just anybody specially a laker.. Buuut since you family lol. Congrads to my laker loser face!! Lol the best men won (ughhk) until next season bruh! You will definitely be the first one I call every night..we have now started a ritual of shit talking!! It was a fun playoff, specially with "katrina" LOL! now we needa hurry up & buy our home tickets! No Flaking ALLOWED!

I'm kinda happy with how this season ended!

1. Denver actually decided to play this time!! (I guess they didn't like AI lmfao!!)

2. Chauncey got Denver to the same spot the Pistons lost to the celtics last season (see don't doubt my judgment he is the shit!)

3. I got to see what Lewis was working with! Fiiyahh! Lol (& milan said he's her play "hubby" lol can't wait to see mines..monta duhh!)

4. I love seeing Jack he OD's the word FAN!!

5. It was funn making up names for chaunceys new team awe, just like back home in Detriot!

6. Watching monta comeback to only lose stephon, jamal, andris, marco, corey, & brandan (yes, sadly we have the youngest players w/ grandpa bodies)

7. Andre & his sports predictions kept me entertained but I disagree with him winning next season! Only because we are.

But '10 will be better much better...I see lots of yellow and I don't mean the lakers..we just have to make it to #4 or #3!

Ps. I heard this indeed SICK rumor about JC leaving & BD returning?! Nooooooo! Can't be true...anything but esp. since how he dissed us. I bet not see a AH MP or BD in the future they are X'd good* but X'd lol..I say give JC a time to work with a fully recovered 8 and we set!


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