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June 22 - July 22
June 2009

It’s almost your birthday—and you’ve got some preparing to do. For the first three weeks of June, wrap up everything you don’t want to bring into the coming year. The Gemini Sun in your twelfth house of endings helps you leave behind all that you’ve outgrown. Use the first three weeks of June to sort and purge. You may be particularly tired during this time, so manage your energy and get an extra hour or two of sleep at night.

On the 20th, a major power cycle begins. The Sun moves into Cancer that day, which is also the summer solstice. It’s the longest day of the year, so expect a blast of energy and vitality as the Sun spends its longest day in the sky. On the 22nd, the Cancer new moon officially marks your personal new year. This is a particularly golden moment because a month later, a second new moon falls in Cancer.

Normally, we only get one new moon in our sign per year, but in 2009, you’re the exception. The July 22nd moon will also be a solar eclipse, which acts as an energy portal, rocketing you to a new level, perhaps even a sudden new role or lifestyle. Be especially conscious of what you start this month—or, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, Cancer. The eclipse will power it forward times ten. Spend quality time writing down what you want for your life, and taking steps toward that now.

Play it cool, Cancer. This month, sexy Mars and romantic Venus are in Taurus, your free-spirited eleventh house. Love can be a bit of a come-here-now-go-away game, with either you or your partner needing more personal space. Detaching from your emotions isn’t your usual style—you tend to react quickly and crave closeness. Now, a little distance will behoove you. From June 15th-October 12th, expansive Jupiter goes retrograde (backward) in your eighth house of intimacy. During this cycle, old trust issues could resurface, and you’ll be tempted to withdraw into your shell. Deal with jealousy and insecurity by patiently talking it through, rather than going into hiding.

If your partner is the one to act aloof, don’t freak out. Use the space to pursue your own interests and friendships. The eleventh house rules group activity and technology. Single Cancers could find love through your circle of friends, networking events, parties, even online dating. Friends will provide levity and perspective, which you’ll need this summer.

On July 22nd, the Cancer new moon brings deep transformation to your closest relationships. This moon will oppose powerful Pluto, which could churn up buried resentments, unleashing anger you didn’t realize you felt. Though you may be tempted to blame your partner (or an ex) for your unhappiness, don’t. Chances are, you haven’t been crystal-clear about your own wants and needs. How can somebody else provide those unless you know what they are first?

You’re coming off a long career-focused cycle, and it’s a relief. Last month, ambitious Mars was in your career sector, putting you in the hot seat at work. Charming Venus was also here since February, forcing you to play the corporate game. Alas, a little sucking up was essential in a season of layoffs and cutbacks.

In June, Mars and Venus circle through Taurus, your eleventh house of technology and teamwork. No matter how well you locked in job security, networking is essential to keep it thriving now. A true leader empowers both herself and others around her, so show that you’re not only a great results producer, but an essential asset to the team. You might volunteer to coordinate an office holiday picnic for July 4th, or even spearhead a charitable project like a beach cleanup or food drive. This will give you a great chance to display (and develop) skills like delegating and management.

On June 15th, communicator Mercury enters Gemini, your karmic twelfth house. What goes around comes around, especially when it’s in writing. The rumor mill is churning, so hold yourself rigorously to a no-gossip policy. Watch those dishy emails, especially if you send them from a corporate account. You don’t want to be caught as the source of a workplace drama. Be proactive: if you sense tension with a coworker or client, get closure fast. Clear your space of any negativity, and finish up projects that have been dragging on.

On June 7th, the Sagittarius full moon lights up your sixth house of health and fitness. If you’ve been struggling to kick a bad habit, this is the perfect time. Full moons can be energizing, so seize the moment to start a healthy new routine. You may also want to deep clean your house, since your environment is a reflection of how you treat your body. Consider hiring a housecleaning service, even just for one turbo-charged session. Cancer rules the home, and you need yours to be a nurturing haven whenever possible.

Trying to get in shape? One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is your mindset. The full moon will square skeptical Saturn, causing your brain to fire off a litany of reasons why now is not the time. Self-doubt, complaining, rationalizing…it’s all just a dressed-up version of “I can’t”…which is a dressed-up version of “I won’t.” Stubborn little Crab, release your grip. You’re only holding onto unhappiness. If you must, simply pour out your negative beliefs on paper, then burn the pages. Soldier forward and don’t give in to this old script.

Lucky Days: June 14, 23
Money Days: June 12, 25
Love Days: June 4, 9
Off Days: June 2, 21


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