Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Sooooooooooo BET has finally done me RIGHT!!! Besides College Hill (which comes out like every 67 years) I now have a reason to watch BET again...HARLEM HEIGHTS!! Yes they like my black version of the hills!! I actually dig the show, I wasn't really feeling the hills spin off (The City) and yall already know where I stand with (Baldwin Hills) so my tv time was limited to game nites, and whenever I catch (Everybody hates chris). It was a bomb show, they was realer than Baldwin hills and they had some cool "threads" and the 2 chicks with short hair cuts can give me hair ideas since I'm no longer a short hairstyle virgin!

The only CON from the first episode I seen 2 nights ago is this chick wore a mink like coat to the nail shop!!!!!! Come on now!!!!! Even KIM KARDASHIAN go to the nail shop in leggings vintage tees and flip flops, and on sexy days summer dress!! But mink? Much, you think? But like I said this is my first episode, so ima have to see if they keep it 100!


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