Saturday, March 28, 2009

* . Miley ; LIE-ly .

So I totally walked from my room into my sisters and asked "did rihanna win" and little did I know it was "Best Female Singer" time. And miley WON,!! Not saying its a shocker or a bad thing because all the kids love Miley Hannah or whomever she wanna be today yesterday tomorrow and next week..YES INDEED she cannot SING and she makes my face frown when I hear her eek accent on hannah montana (when my sister watches it)..but I can't deny the girl is caked up!! And for that I give her, her props.But hmm.....WHY DID SHE FAKE CRY... Or I should say, try to MAKE HERSELF CRY!! So pointless..these kids don't get it that she milking them.

But the fashion point is I so like her dress! I will upload pictures once I get on a computer (I'm on my blackberry tonite)


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