Tuesday, March 31, 2009

* . Bad Girls Reunion .

Ohhh shit oxygen has been to kind to allow us to kick it with sir fierce (sorry my love, christian) but perez is hawt! I was soo happy I didn't have to see stars shriveled up ass no more lol (sorry) but she was wack! Tonight was really good, I was going to skipp on it but I'm glad "I bounced up on it". It was very interesting to see how shitty and low minded these bitches really were..like alien* still not apologizing for "sucker punching" Cookie. And boston wanting cookie to shut up before she beats her ass..I think she just wanted to act tough with her weird mouth movement and craZy eye..it was also interesting how kayla came up there like she was queen be in her yellow and black talking mad head. But I guess she gotta get the rest of her 15 mins some how right?

1. Ashely sure did act like her dick was big enough..she didn't run the house nor did she act bad than, don't grow balls when you get tiff on our side..
2. Amber b will always be a scary broad, I'm sorry to say she talks shit but can't walk with it..
3. Whitney and Aliea both make me sick...specially whitney! Aliea just makes me pissed off!! And I'm glad Perez was the only one to stand up to that bitch cause I wanted to see her get beat! She's also very looney and not bad she acts like a 5yr old nerd..both of them are actually loonz.
4. Lol @ Perez..
He said she had CHULA EYEBROWS ahahahahahhahahahahahaha that made my nite because it was soo true I was wondering why she looked like a barbie to me tonight she was actually pretty. That made me laugh for a pretty good time LOL
5. I don't know what to say bout sara she is just hella slutty and flabby..and talks a lot of shit but ends up always running and crying and or hiding behind alien* (aliea) that's the real reason she was sad to see her go, because she aint did nothing for her..

Ps. Amber B please, I'm soooo sorry you gave it up to greg on national tv cause ol boy is fruiter than chris brown chewing juicy fruit listening to micheal jackson in his tight red skinny jeans and pink heart sweater while texting sweet nothing to lil wayne! Also, you aint gotta lie to kick it..

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Anonymous said...

AGreE tOtALY GreGS a DuoCHe! aND He IS gAY


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