Monday, February 2, 2009

* . & today went like this .

So today me and my vans spent the day with moma moma dukes (my grannie lol) to help her pack! It was pretty funnn cause I was the ONLY one packing SHIIIIIT lmao..but it was actually amusing to have my blackberry soo I can sing loud and annoy the hell outta their Judge mathis or milian whomever LOL...but I got bored fasst I cut my self by accident! I didn't know them darn eyebrow cutters were EXTREMELY sharp!! Soo I put a huge band aid on looking like the true nerd I am lol

Than I got bored && curiousity made me go to my x's myspace page and it really made me sad I mean like boo'koo! Like WTF I knew he was a liar (I mean all guys lie) but damn I thought a nigga was special SMH! But I realized I was just another name to his funky lil sidekick game. Another sleazyy minute to his hoefest...I mean I'm not a stupid girl because yeah I didn't believe most the times I had doubts but u cannot control what your heart feels and you'd be a liar if you told me anything different!! I read some comments back than about him "having to take one of his horses outta the stables" and how he "had to treat them all equally" and how the "Horses" was "Girls" but I thought it was cool between us because I was different he told me about X's and than there was a ME.. but enough of that TODAY really hurted me...he said I was his first LOVE (he was surley mines), but today things was changed because in his stupid ass song he wrote somebody else was!!! I saw her picture (I would talk slick but my beefs not with her) that's some fucked up shit...I thought I was his bestfriend? He called me that, and he was really MINES?! Arrrg and WTF he called me sunshinnee? I mean all them other lies don't hurt like this one...I mean he fucked up my view on ALL guys!! And that suxss!! U can get a new "wifey" "girlfriend" "boo thang" whatev its cool with me cause I'm the one who cut the ties but WTF don't sink low enough to make her "ME"...expand your vocabulary kiddo and don't compare us I STILL LOVE U & ALWAYS WILL because its LOVE* and you are special to me its just your ways, I guess its cause your growin into a "man" whatev or if you need to say something to me why feel the need to hurt me? Just say it, I'm all ears..and I can't find my Ciara Evolution CD :'( when I need it thee most!

Other than that I talked to micheal today my sexyyy neighbor LOL and other than that evans been calling me about the project and like 6 ppl are texting me right now and my check was finnallyy GIVEN to me when it actually came FRIDAYY but @ least I have it now :)

Leave u with a Quote
"I learned the hard way, that they all say, things you wanna hear, my heavy heart sinks deep down under, you & your twisted words, your help just hurts, you are not what I thought you were"

Sara Barellies Love Song!! >:O

xoxo ; stay safe

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