Sunday, February 22, 2009

* . Im under the Influence .

So today is a sucky day in California!! Though we may get a lot of these days it always puts a dent in your life!! I'm talking about RAIN..its WET, COLD, LIMITING, and madd BORING!!

Its like mother nature be thinking along the lines of : bwahaha this nicca thought he was finna skate...syyyyyke!!

So today was the PERFECTIST day for mee to go to Barnes & Noble!!! Yayy I had 25.18 still left from like 2 or 3 christmas ago, and I finally found it! And I'm soo glad money NEVER expires lol :).. So me and my NERDY urban outfitter glasses and Gap hoodie took a trip to my 2nd Home..

I of course went to a lot of sections (I never know what I want, I just want)..I went down Philosophy, since I have been trying to better myself and my health, and also beliefs..I skimmed through a couple of my new fave past time (Buddhism) books but I didn't actually want to be a grown lady this time around! I miss reading about stuff I love not being in school 24/7 so I passed it up this go round..

I ended up at the customer service desk where this cute corny guy helped me and I asked about the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen books luckily there was ONE left and yayy it was ASHLEY! The one I planned on getting!

I actually wasn't intending on EVER getting it but I flipped through some pages and fell in love...the photography is magnificent! And that's what caught my eye, to be HONEST! I know maybe I should have read it a bit...but I didn't I'm a artsy kind of girl and trust Ashley have always been GREAT at what she does..I have heard that its like an interview book and that's even better!! I can know why these models and designers and how its made her who she is...cause she is 1 of the 3 women I call icons (Britney spears, Rihanna).

Soo kiddos I have a new book :) yayy! I am going to be posting the most interesting things I've learned or came across :)


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