Tuesday, February 24, 2009

* . Nobodies Beating him .

OMG!! Every time I don't listen to it i miss it and when i got it i know every freaking line and the track listing all the way to the end and backwards I love it and I just became infatuated with his show ROAD TO REDEMPTION. I saw this one episode with a little 15 year old boy. I forgot his name sadly, but it was such a touching show..and my fave part of the show was actually like the first scene when he rolled up on the boy and hes like in his whole mc mode and speeding through the interview like he a pro and like he noticed somebody walked into the room but he nonchalantly looks them over like ooo its my mom or something and than he double looks nah he triple looks lol and hes like oooooooooo wooo and he is in like the star struck mode!! omg its priceless..and to see a thug cry is always priceless..and to hear a child say they gon be the 1st ones in they family to go to college is more priceless..and for a celebrity to give a fuck about their hood is even more priceless..like serious tell me what star you seen in yo hood just giving back because they heart is deep and not because they fame running out? i mean thats a good look to start off a jail sentence...but speaking on that tip, i didn't even know he was really going to take his sentence i thought he off the hook lol but awwe poor baby..we will miss you in the real world but remember listen to your songs and this album and you will get through :)

he still the king in my eyes.

shot lemme get'em!

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